The State of the Tee

One Deal A Day

This is our daily tee. The product that changes every single day. With this, we have the artwork, it gets purchased, and then we ship it after it prints. Typically it takes within 15 business days for you to get your shirt from the day of sale. That time frame includes us printing, packaging, and shipping your shirt. Depending on where you live from our home base can cause additional time to be added to our estimate (e.g. international)

Gallery (Not For Sale)

When a shirt has finished its daily run we put it into the gallery. Now that might be confusing for those in the know because we also sell shirts in our gallery. Well, here’s the deal, we technically have two galleries. The gallery I’m referring to here is where we let past designs live when we aren’t selling them but keeping them alive. You may look through our past designs and see ones that aren’t for sale. That is the gallery we’re talking about here.

Gallery (For Sale)

Just like the above, these are shirts that have run their daily course. However, these shirts are ones that we have brought back for a few reasons. Either the audience requested it extensively or we wanted to bring the shirt back for promotional reasons. A lot of times these two reasons are in tandem and are meant to be crowd pleasers. If you’ve ever wanted a shirt brought back don’t hesitate to contact us!

After Hours

So you missed the initial 24 hours to buy that tee you wanted? Don’t worry! We know sometimes you get busy and forget so that’s why we have tees available for a few extra hours for only a few more bucks. Typically a shirt ends at Midnight EST but after hours ends at 9 AM EST. That’s an extra 9 hours just to get a shirt you missed! Teefury likes to give back.

Collection Tees

These tees are a bit unique. They are the ultimate hybrid of daily and gallery tees. The tees you see here are only available for a very limited time (usually 1-2 weeks) and are NOT printed and shipped until the collection is over. Because of this these tees are discounted from the normal gallery price and will never be around once their collection is over. You gotta snag these tees while you can! And allow an extra 10 business days from ordering to get your shirt since these print at the end of the collection.

Charity Tee

We has an amazing and generous group of artists that submit their work to TeeFury. Thanks to them we are able to do monthly charity tees that support great causes. These are charities that either the artist has a connection with or has been connected through TeeFury. A portion of all proceeds from each shirt sold in the Charity category go directly to the charity that is advertised. It’s a good thing.