• Queen of Fury
    Queen of Fury

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    She stole the show from the title character's own movie, and in doing so inspired empowerment and controversy. Whatever the nature of the debate, one thing is certain: she ruled the road and left all doubters eating her dust.

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    Queen of Fury

    by SXStudios

  • Run Barry Run
    Run Barry Run

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    Inspired by one of my favorite shows in the past year. I can't wait for the new season to start.

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    Run Barry Run

    by thooperman

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lightyuriman less than 1 minute ago

I've never commented before but there was a glitch where I couldn't delete tees from my cart on mobile device this new setup fixed this also it's not cluttered for me and I actually like it so keep up the good work teefury

Miabell 2 hours ago
You should have left the models at the top. Made it easier to determine how big the design is on the shirt! Otherwise, love the new site!
Django1Chain 3 hours ago
Can we all stop complaining about the new site setup, I actually like it and I understand why they took away the competition thing because If one shirt was bad or wasn't as good as the other it would get negative comments majority of the time, and what artist wants to be bashed on their hard work, I say keep the new site. 
Vash2543 4 hours ago
Does anyone know where you can see how each shirt is selling in comparison to each other like before?
Javarah 5 hours ago
Great colors! Love both designs. Congratulations again on the site updates, TeeFury. :)
ealatiger 6 hours ago
Really like the Flash shirt, plus 4 colors is awesome!

The new site design is pretty cool. I will agree though, that the site is a bit cluttered. Maybe have the split between the Comments and banners on the right their own respective sections instead of side by side. But overall its a nice upgrade. :)
Aedanwolfe 6 hours ago
I love the new site.
funkdefunk 7 hours ago
WHOOOOOOOoOOOoOOOOOO!!!!!!! FOUR COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw love the site. Don't listen to those whiners. They'll still buy shirts haha
funkdefunk 7 hours ago
Also that issue with the site turning to 16 bit colors has gone away. Works awesome now.
tee*Stacks 7 hours ago
Not sure why so many neg comments on the site design? They make a few changes, which has made ordering a shirt easier btw, and you say you're gonna bail? Makes no sense. These guys consistently deliver the best shirts and find the best designers. Get over it.
X Chris 7 hours ago
Love the Flash shirt but I feel I have to stop shopping this site. I can't even stand to look at it with this new design. Too bad because I have bought a lot in the past.
jndpb 5 hours ago
Ya it's a bit cluttered but it is easy enough to navigate so ...
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