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Vincent Van Who?
by John Sumrow 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.09
by upsidedownowl 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.09

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Vincent Van Who?

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Vincent Van Who?
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Chase Humphrey less than 1 minute ago
Oh boy... More Dr Who shirts... Are there no other fandoms, including the things from the past, that deserve a couple of shirts? 
SpacegeekNat less than 1 minute ago
Start submitting your own designs. And there hasn't been a Who shirt for a while. You never see Whovians (or anyone for that matter) complain when there's another Zelda shirt.
Rhase less than 1 minute ago
And oh my goodness, it's offered as a print! Fantastic!

This was the episode that made me wish the Doctor was real. Just the ending of it, and the heartbreaking fact that Van Gogh died thinking himself a failure. Even though I was never much a fan of 11, this episode remains one of my favorites. I've yet to make it through the end without bawling.

Meanwhile haters gonna hate. You'll get over it, haters.
BadOwl less than 1 minute ago
I cry every time I watch this episode, it is my absolute favorite.  Thanks to the artist for making this a shirt, it is really just beautiful.
JDeazy less than 1 minute ago
Yay, another pair of Doctor Who shirts...
t_freak 2 hours ago
Van Gogh is my favorite artist and the depiction is very well done but I'm not so keen on Dr Who. The box ruined the shirt for me.
pottergoose 1 hours ago
This shirt is a direct reference to one of the most beloved episodes of Doctor WHo, Vincent and the Doctor, depicting Van Gogh during his last few months, his hardest time of his life and time of incredible art outpour.  Without the  tarids in this shirt, this shirt would have no heart.  This is very deliberate
Rhase 1 hours ago
Hey there. Regardless of liking Doctor Who, if you love Van Gogh I wonder if you watched the episode about him? It'll make you cry like a baby. You don't even need to know much of anything about the Doctor aside from he can time travel. It's called Vincent and the Doctor.

The shirt's definitely in reference of that episode. c:
tgilmor 2 hours ago
Vincent and the Doctor is my favourite Dr. Who episode and I am a long time fan.  I have shared this episode with high school students to help them understand excellent storytelling and to introduce them to the issues that surround mental health!  I have never been so emotionally moved to buy a shirt.  But I am today!
MRender 4 hours ago
Don't think I've ever been quite so emotionally effected by a design before. I'll shed a year for Vincent then buy the shirt that makes me smile.
Congratulations to John Sumrow on a fantastic piece of art.
likeariot 5 hours ago
Oh man. That Vincent & The Doctor shirt is gorgeous. There are few moments in television that are that moving, and that dead on about depression. I bawl every time I watch it.
rats 6 hours ago
Bravo!  Thank you for explaining the significance of the Vincent Van Who t-shirt.  I was unaware of that episode and the little bit that's on YouTube made me smile and cry too.  Kudos to John Sumrow for a beautiful shirt!
pottergoose 5 hours ago
you're welcome.  I showed my mom that exact same clip when she couldn't grasp why I adore the show so much.  She was very moved by what the doctor had done for Vincent
TheWeezNerd 7 hours ago
I told myself I would stay away from tee fury and not make any more purchases. . . and I cannot even stay away 2 weeks! This Vincent shirt is everything!