After Hours - Your last chance to get yesterday's tee!
  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata

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    Sing with me, Hakuna Matata "kame" style !!!

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    Hakuna Matata "Kame"

  • L. the Third
    L. the Third

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    To celebrate the new season set in Italy, I couldn't miss the chance to design it!

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    L. the Third

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Wimbley 1 hours ago
just curious but how is the Lupin shirt a parody or is it  mashup that im just not seeing.... how is it not copy wright infringement?  im guessing the DB one is a mashup of dragon ball and the lion king.
ULYXX 7 hours ago
AWWW... you guys are killing my wallet!  I love me some Lupin and my Niece loves the Dragon Ball!    Gonna have to think about which colors to get!  :-)
valdezlopez 7 hours ago
Thanks for theLupin the 3rd design. I'm gonna get it!

More Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls designs!

How about a Black Mirror design? Princess Bride? Ender's Game (the book!)?

mircasta 7 hours ago
I'm with darkkari they look nice but not worth it. Also I also haven't bought anything in a while the tees don't agree with me enough to buy them.

sburch 7 hours ago
would love to buy the DBZ one but the screen to buy just keeps circling :/

Sayuri_me 5 hours ago
It's not DBZ.. it's Dragonball...... (without Z)
localshop 8 hours ago
The lupin design is wonderful, I just wish fujiko were on it too!
darkkari 8 hours ago
Both look nice, wont be getting them I think this is the longest ive ever gone without buying a shirt its been to months! I have yet to be wowed into buying but its nice to see a Lupin the 3rd shirt :D
bigdaddy777 8 hours ago
I won't complain like Will. Black shirts rock. Can't go wrong with Black.
EmeraldxStar 8 hours ago
Agreed. I usually only buy black shirts unless the colored one really pops, but usually only black. 
Will Lee 8 hours ago
dbz is nice, but the choice of color is meh. ill check again tmr
Sayuri_me 5 hours ago
Dragonball.. not DBZ... 
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