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Melt With You
by RockyDavies 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.29
88 MPH Time Travel Club
by Azafran 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.29

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Melt With You
88 MPH Time Travel Club

Battle stats

Melt With You
88 MPH Time Travel Club
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thrashingale 3 hours ago
I love 88 MPH Time Travel ClubAzafran's had some pretty cool designs!
MRogo 7 hours ago
'88 MPH Time Travel Club' is such a gorgeous, subtle design! Love it!
loveanda45 8 hours ago
Teefury, have you changed your sizing at all? I ordered 2 xl shirts the last time round, and they seemed about 2 inches longer than the previous shirts. 
SenorFace 8 hours ago
TeeFury rocks! Quit complaining.  The designs are for a wider audience then you and your sci-fi buddies or whatever. Also, I've never had a problem with receiving my items in a timely fashion. Thanks for being awesome TeeFury! I think I own about 15 shirts and I get compliments from strangers every single time I wear them. No joke.
monsteraaron 10 hours ago
How do some of these designs (excellent work, of course) get accepted being well over the 6/7 color limit?
I just don't understand.. :(
sugarpoultry 8 hours ago
Some artists are ridiculously good with half tones. 
Wimbley 12 hours ago
really sick of the 80's retro shirts. it was funny the first time but now its just old and overused.  much like the other designs we see on here like the cereal box shirts, the pocket tees, the vintage album covers, roller derby girls, the playing cards.  any of those designs where the artist just throws random things into the same idea to see if it works or not.
TeeFury Staff 11 hours ago
Hey Wimbley - Thanks for getting in touch with us! We are sorry you feel this way. We try to bring our customers the most unique art work that's there and that often means finding artists with a niche of sorts. We really appreciate your thoughts on this, but please keep it respectful and constructive towards the artist currently on display. 
book 10 hours ago
I for one really enjoy the 80's retro shirts and often buy them either for my self and as gifts for friends and family who also like them.
Wimbley 10 hours ago
but its not really unique if there are a bunch of shirts out there with the same design idea now is it??  it was truly unique back when you had original art shirts instead of everything MUST be pop culture mash ups.
JoHnY05 8 hours ago
not really sure how you're meaning wimbley. are you thinking it's different artists each time?  it's a series from the artist.  being a series there is going to be a common theme, it's just how it works.  we can go further and talk about how artists tend to lean towards certain styles ... i mean even paintings in a museum can be set into categories based on era and you will find common styles, take it down to just the artist and you'll find even more.
Kibbonafide 8 hours ago
Stop being a hater. You bash this artist several times when his designs come up. You are hating. Stop it.
Wimbley 7 hours ago
no i know they are all from the same artists, except the pocket tees. doing a series that takes one subject and tosses in a bunch of random things isn't very creative though. you then end up with a lot of shirts/designs that look alike.  it would be like if Andy Warhol did nothing but soup cans just different types of soup! or if Picasso only did flowers in a vase but with different flowers in the same vase.
tlburrill 18 hours ago
Love both but the time travel club looks best. 
iamalpacino 21 hours ago
Stay Puft = instabuy. Also, this is what happens when a design lends itself to looking good on a light color shirt, its an option! When it isn't an option, its because it doesn't look good!
Adaya 22 hours ago
Aww! I really love RockyDavies' collection!