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Today's Deal Ends In
My Little Swiftwind
by Italiux 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.06
Prime's Autoshop
by Nemons 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.06

Battle stats

My Little Swiftwind
Prime's Autoshop

Battle stats

My Little Swiftwind
Prime's Autoshop
  • 20sale EXT

  • Dragon Racing

  • Argyle Leggings

  • 1WhosCute

  • Cult

  • cult

  • Megan

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Beaderanne less than 1 minute ago
I can't check out! I want some shoes!
Beaderanne less than 1 minute ago
When I try to check out, it sends me to a blank page. 2 different phones, one tablet, and a computer. All do it.
DingoBaby 1 hours ago
She-Ra? My Little Pony? Two of my wife's childhood obsessions in one shirt??!! Ordered!!! Happy wife... Happy life!!!
gwenefar 2 hours ago
OMG I want My Little Swiftwind so badly it hurts.  
MiriamRae 5 hours ago
Ordered SwiftWind! So excited!!!! She-Ra was my girl! ;) 
Amanda Allen 6 hours ago
how do i use paypal? never used it before? sorry I feel really stupid asking this lol
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
Hey Amanda! You would need to set up a PayPal account on their website: After you do that you can come back here and make your purchase :)
Heidi Todd 8 hours ago
Oh dear god.. swiftwind is my fav fav fav. But I have SO many tee's already. Gahh!
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
There can never be too many!
spacebarbie 12 hours ago
If only swiftwind was in the gen 1 pony style, that would be my childhood.
NoCoToker 11 hours ago
I totally agree! 
danisaunders917 13 hours ago
How long is the Memorial Week sale extended to? 
TeeFury Staff 11 hours ago
Through the end of the day!
mscannibal 13 hours ago
I wish that Swift Wind was in the old school MLP style, instead, which would fit far better with She-Ra. I really can't dig on the new, skinny, weird ponies =\
djspiderman 14 hours ago
OMG. I love the Swiftwind design. Yes! More, please!