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Vincent Van Who?
by John Sumrow 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.10
by upsidedownowl 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.10

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Vincent Van Who?

Battle stats

Vincent Van Who?
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jarrigenna less than 1 minute ago
Did I mention all the feels!?!?
jarrigenna less than 1 minute ago
The insta buy that left pennies in my bank account! Vincent Van Who breaking hearts all over the place. Seriously need to go watch the episode now and cry my eyes out over and over again. All the feels this shirt will give me!! 
BalerinaCass less than 1 minute ago
Even if I didn't like Doctor Who, I would still buy the Vincent Van Who? shirt because van Gogh is by far my most favorite artist! Insta-buy!
bluechainsaw 3 hours ago
I have the Delorean one like the TARDIS shirt, the design is neat but it's just not pulling me to buy...
Melissa Duran 4 hours ago
Ok  I dont even watch Dr Who but I am ordering this shirt only because I like Vincent Van Gogh. 
Jhest13 7 hours ago
Stop complaining EVERYONE! It's unreal how so many people can become trolls and whiners on a site with such a positive concept! Don't like the site don't come here, the normal non-elitists will stay and that's all that matters.
Elizabeth Weston 4 hours ago
Chill out 
Kezia Carthy 10 hours ago
Tee fury, my LLAP tee was dispatched on the 17th of March but hasn't turned up yet :'( 
TeeFury Staff 7 hours ago
Hi Kezia - Thank you for getting in touch with us and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you haven't already, please open a help ticket with us. Under the "Help" tab above, click "Contact Us" and fill out your information so a customer service rep can take a look at your account.
BloodySin 10 hours ago
When Dr. Who fans use "we haven't seen a Who shirt IN A MONTH" as a good argument for having two at once, you know there's something wrong, both in design picking and on the entitlement of one group over the thousands of other fandoms out there....
kilipaki harris 11 hours ago
I love these prints today. The Doctor does not make an appearance that often anymore.
Tobias88 11 hours ago
Oh my God the Van Gogh shirt!
That is one of my favorite episodes of Dr. Who. 
Wonderfully done, and sold! 
leanniefaerie 6 hours ago
It's an insta buy for me, too!  My absolute favorite episode!