Today's Deal Ends In
Dear God Please Save Our Forest
by biggers 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.09
Leaving Rapture
by kharmazero 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.09

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Dear God Please Save Our Forest
Leaving Rapture

Battle stats

Dear God Please Save Our Forest
Leaving Rapture
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MetalGearBAE less than 1 minute ago
Had to get the Bioshock shirt, what a beautiful design, Kharmazero!! I get so tired of showing my gaming loyalty with the plain black mens tee....(no offense gentlemen). I almost went with purple, but it looked amazing in turquoise, and that made the choice easy.
empiricism 4 hours ago
Dear God? Wrong. Deer God
ziggyfiddle 4 hours ago
BIOSHOCK! Wonderful and beautiful design! Very nostalgic.
[email protected] 5 hours ago
Did anyone else notice Totoro sitting in the tree with all the Kodomos? Move over Waldo, I think they should make a Find Totoro book. 
TeeFury Staff less than 1 minute ago
We like the sound of that!
rainyday13 6 hours ago
I am in LOVE with "Leaving Rapture". Beautiful design. Now I just have to decide on a color...It looks gorgeous on all three. So excited to finally see a women's tee come in turquoise I'll probably get that. 
kharmazero 6 hours ago
Thanks a lot.I very oftenly work on black or navy ,that was kind of a challenge to work on these color backgrounds,happy you like it.
Xninjagrrl 1 hours ago
The colors will look great on the turquise. Purple blends too much and the blue pops too much. 
Amanda Groenwold 10 hours ago
I never played bioshock, but that design is so pretty it's hard not to give in.
TeressaM 10 hours ago
It's not Bioshock... It's the Tree Spirit from the movie Princess Mononoke
anvilone 10 hours ago
The second one is BioShock.
Lucifuge84 8 hours ago
lol, you know there are 2 designs, right?
TeeFury Staff less than 1 minute ago
Are you going to start playing now? 
Miabell 10 hours ago
Princess Mononoke. ~Throws more money at Teefury.~ ^_^;; Going to be broke soon if you keep giving me what I want!
TeeFury Staff 10 hours ago
We don't want you to be broke, but we do want you to be happy!
koshernostra 11 hours ago
I ordered a shirt over two weeks ago and I haven't even gotten any shipping confirmations yet. This is unusually slow for TeeFury. I usually get my purchases within that timeframe. I'm a bit anxious. 
TeeFury Staff 10 hours ago
Hey koshernostra! We are very sorry for the delay of your order! It looks like you ordered "Hairy Baby Daycare Center". Those tees were a bit delayed in coming in from the printer so we just began shipping them. You should receive a shipping confirmation email very soon! We have refunded your shipping costs for the delay.
koshernostra 10 hours ago
Thanks TeeFury! That's so awesome of you! It's this kind of customer service that keeps me coming back! 
ShadowFox15 7 hours ago
Was wondering about this aswell ordered that for my sister and she's been bugging me everyday to see if it had been shipped
mac3kuby 11 hours ago
a Rick and Morty shirt is needed
TeeFury Staff 10 hours ago
Tell your favorite artist!
JanderVK 13 hours ago
Would get the Bioshock one if it came in black. The Princess Mononoke is pretty great.