Today's Deal Ends In
Foolish Mortals
by Bamboota 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.12
Bionic Boss
by Bamboota 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.12

Battle stats

Foolish Mortals
Bionic Boss

Battle stats

Foolish Mortals
Bionic Boss
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Calcifer 4 hours ago
I love the Haunted Mansion one. I wish I had money today. :)
bizarra 8 hours ago
Hat Box Ghost!!! EPIC shirt and total instabuy... as soon as I'm not on a public wifi spot. LOL
Glenn Nieciag 8 hours ago
I like the Disney one from the Haunted Mansion. Does it have glow in the dark ink?  I think that would be cool.  As for the other, I originally thought it was a COBRA shirt ( Would love ), but had to look at comments to realize it was MGS.  Keep up the good designs.
Bozozaclown 14 hours ago
It's the hat box ghost!
killator 15 hours ago
I don't get either. It's like teefury is getting nerdy as possible all for the sake of me not giving you my money. What's the issue? Do you hate my money? 
pp0u20e8 12 hours ago
I would hate your money if I were them. Every time I see your comment on here it's a complaint. If I were Teefury I'd just want to you go elsewhere.

I've bought about 20 Tees from here, but the last one I liked was in April. I'm still here every day, just in case, and I'm not whining about it.
April Evans 7 hours ago
I have bought over 100 shirts and since the sight has changed I barley have bought anything.
AllTheShirts 6 hours ago
Preach it brotha. 

sam_el76 4 hours ago
Some people are so negative here.  If you don't like a shirt, don't buy it, and keep it to yourself.  Thanks for putting killator in his/her place!
FiercePhoenx 12 hours ago
I *love* them. One is a Disney World ride for crying out loud. I don't consider that inconceivably nerdy, or even just nerdy in the first place. And not every shirt on here is nerdy. Some are simply cool. Just because they're not your cup of tea, apparently that runs afoul of your approval and they're therefore so over-the-top nerdy, that it must be intentional, just to hear you complain some more.
djspiderman 9 hours ago
What pp0u said. 
Do you seriously have nothing better to do? Like... go outside or make a friend or something. 
And be careful. You're entitlement is showing. 
mandyatlarge 9 hours ago
Good on him for calling out some ungrateful kid. "Why dont you design more things for MEEeeee," is a stupid comment. Comments like those are annoying, especially when, like pp0u, you are here every day looking at the shirt options. I like that teefury caters to a wide range of fandoms. To me, it seems the one with entitlement issues is the person demanding the website conform to his wishes... 
anvilone 8 hours ago
How is a shirt for a ride at the most popular tourist destination in the US too nerdy?
Tits McGee 4 hours ago
First one is a Disney Haunted Mansion reference. Do you live under a rock?
katebate89 15 hours ago
Love the Foolish Mortals shirt! To bad pay days not till friday. :( Great job though!
Mark Dominic 16 hours ago
The shirt on the left is The Haunted Mansion Ride from Disney World ! EPIC the grave stones are from the line Que !
InsaneStrawb 17 hours ago
I have no clue what either of these are referencing. Anyone care to enlighten me?
M1dny9ht 16 hours ago
The Bionic Boss is reference to Big Boss from metal gear solid. He gets this arm in MGS 5
InsaneStrawb 16 hours ago
Thanks :)
Kallianira 16 hours ago
The left one could be tales from the crypt, but I am not sure.
InsaneStrawb 16 hours ago
Thanks, I just researched it and realized it says Good Old Fred on the right hand gravestone. So I researched it and apparently it's Haunted Mansion. 
InsaneStrawb 16 hours ago

blk_jack21 16 hours ago
I think it's from the Haunted Mason and I never would have guessed MGS