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The One True King
by Logan Feliciano 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.28
by RicoMambo 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.28

Battle stats

The One True King

Battle stats

The One True King
  • Hokusai Gojira

  • RisingTide Poster

  • game of tees

  • Changing The Future Charitee

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Sailboat 4 hours ago
Oh more black, navy and chocolate colored shirts...
nando666 19 hours ago
What does the kanji say?
ReSe2k 15 hours ago
Go-Ji-Ra (and they are Katakana not Kanji)
rats 11 hours ago
It's the Japanese pronunciation of Godzilla :-)  
Rennfaire 21 hours ago
Ricomambo, your design is fantastic.  You captured their true characters to a tee. lol
 I love your design and hope to see more of your work. 
Philsbed 21 hours ago
I think three colour options is more than enough. Remember when there was no choice at all? The designers must be picking the colours that best suit the image. If a design looks good on a lighter colour, then they'll offer it. 
Jansen77 22 hours ago
The godzillathing looks like there is one of the psychos that like wearing white hats in dark forests standing in the Background. That might get complicated with a short look from the far.
RicFule 19 hours ago
I thought the same thing.  In fact, it took me a second glance to even SEE the monster in the foreground and not the implied one in the background.
Thorngren 9 hours ago
What background monster? you mean the white building he's standing in-front of?
RicFule 2 hours ago
Yes.  I know it's a building, but at first glance it appeared to me, and it seems at least one other, to be a member of, in the words of Homer Stokes from O, Brother Where Art Thou, "See, I belong to a certain secret society. I don’t believe I gotta mention its name, you know?”
book 23 hours ago
May be they could add one more color and always make it a light color for those who can not or do not care to buy dark colors.     Then there are people like me who pretty much only wear black,  must have at a couple of dozen black shirts and wear them summer and winter. 4 color choices would be good, two dark, two light.
Jeffrey Green 23 hours ago
With all of the folks wishing there were more color options, I totally agree with you.  I have really bad eczema/dandruff and I cannot wear black, navy, or even other dark colors like one of the common browns offered, so there have been many times I have had to pass on shirts I really liked because I just cannot wear them. I really wish there was almost always a light option for people who cannot wear dark clothes (and there are a lot of us out there!).
Marcus478 15 hours ago
Use head and shoulder's for men.
jnkelley42 11 hours ago
I feel your pain. I suffered for years with bad dandruff that standard shampoo didn't touch.  Now I use a sulfate free shampoo (Yes to Carrots) and it is greatly reduced.  If that doesn't work Coal Tar Shampoo has worked wonders for many people.
gimmeshirts 23 hours ago
Is there any way we can start having a more diverse selection of colors for shirts? Its almost always Black, brown and navy. I cannot buy another shirt in those colors as I have at least 7 shirts in each color.
darkkari 23 hours ago
Some shirts do not look good in the lighter colors, they have to sometimes go with what looks better for the design of the shirt.
purplebowie 13 hours ago
They don't have to be lighter. But other options would be nice sometimes. Purple, red, green...
rats 11 hours ago
Or orange!  :-)  I think the One True King would've stood out better on a turquoise shirt.  Someday I'm hoping there will be a way for Teefury to let us pick ANY color shirt for the designs. :-) ::-)  
JZieska 23 hours ago
Yay! Vikings!
eindatadog 23 hours ago
I like both tees and I know folk keep saying it but I do wish other colours were offered, I dislike black and have about 3 navy blue zilla shirts already, Still i'll probably get the viking shirt anyway as Its pretty cool and I like the art for Floki.
iroc1989 23 hours ago
I completely agree. More of these shirts would be instabuys if there were more color options. All of the designs are amazing, but how many black or navy blue Dr. Who (for example) shirts can you own?

Also mad props for finally putting up a Vikings tee!
book 23 hours ago
As for me a lot.  Black is always my go to color.  I can think a shirt is great but if the colors are all light not buying it, as can't wear light colors and most of the people I buy shirts for as gifts want black.  A color choice of 2 light and 2 dark would be great for more people.
eindatadog 22 hours ago
Yeah I should say the 3 dark blue zilla shirts I own are awesome and suited to the colour, I just like yellow and other colours but i'm just been a little selfish and understand the artist and teefury probably pick the colours deliberately too work with the designs.