Today's Deal Ends In
The Dreams in Which I'm Dying
by RockyDavies 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.09
Go! Penguin Go!
by Poopsmoothie 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.09

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The Dreams in Which I'm Dying
Go! Penguin Go!

Battle stats

The Dreams in Which I'm Dying
Go! Penguin Go!
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Jen Smith less than 1 minute ago
Love the Joker shirt!!  I'd love even more to see Rocky's Shredder shirt on here!!  Make it happen teefury!!!!!
Sanzen less than 1 minute ago
this is way better than the real penguins logo
alantig 2 hours ago
The Penguin shirt is so brilliant I can't believe it hasn't been done before.  Look out Loretta, he shoots, he scores!
Natalie Sandoval 2 hours ago
I quite honestly can't believe the Penguin shirt is winning. Is it because it's a sport reference and the Super Bowl is coming up? Because that Joker shirt is genius. But then, I don't care for sports.
mandyatlarge 2 hours ago
Agreed, that Joker shirt is amazing. 
Heather Skille 2 hours ago
It is a sport reference, but the Penguins are a hockey team, not football
nightsx2 2 hours ago
The Penguins are gonna destroy the Trailblazers in the Superbowl.
Mayshus less than 1 minute ago
What is the joker shirt a reference to? 
patevett 2 hours ago
I have to admit, both are pretty clever.
LoudGoat74 3 hours ago
While I am decidedly NOT a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, I am extremely tempted to snag that shirt.
Weebirdie 3 hours ago
Go! Penguin Go!

love it.
Dev58 4 hours ago
I would also buy the Penguin one for my son, IF he wasn't smoking - sorry: lost that demographic here :)
thehutch 4 hours ago
The Penguin smokes.  He also murders people.  What, you think he's a role model?
mandyatlarge 2 hours ago
Thank you.
Wookiegamer 4 hours ago
You guys missed a great opportunity here. I love the penguin design, but this would be best suited for a hockey style 3/4 length shirt

whaletan 5 hours ago
Hmmmmm, go flyers.