• I, Ron Man
    I, Ron Man

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    Never trust a superhero that can handle his drink...

  • Poke-terrestrial

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    This was the first real design I ever did, that I've now come back to after 2 years. I can do a lot more fancy-shmancy things with digital art now - and it's awesome!

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timconklin 8 hours ago
ThunderX 9 hours ago
That Pokémon/E.T. mash-up is beautiful.
Cary Bass-Deschênes 9 hours ago
Gonna get a copyright notice! 

MamaOlympias 9 hours ago
... Isn't that the point of the shirt?
Cary Bass-Deschênes 9 hours ago
The shirt uses actual line and color from the original artwork in its design, therefore it is using derivative artwork in an infringing manner. 
funkdefunk 9 hours ago
My name's Cary and I know nothing about copyright laws!
Cary Bass-Deschênes 9 hours ago
I know a lot about copyright laws. I worked closely with the legal department of a major online internet foundation for 4 years and know the difference between "Original" and "Derivative"  The shirt uses ink and line art from the original drawing. TeeFury took down a similar one a few years ago based on an original drawing for My Name is Earl. 
ToddBowers 8 hours ago
It's been almost 40 years though. Isn't it 'fair use' at this point?
schiiism 7 hours ago
This entire site is IP infringement, so the form of original art is irrelevant. Ideas and characters are just as protected as pieces of visual art
schiiism 7 hours ago
That said, the artists who contribute to the site are very talented and resourceful. The loss of revenue to IP juggernauts like Disney/Marvel/etc is negligible
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