• Advanced Magic
    Advanced Magic

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    El Black Bat

    It's a image of hope when your surrounded by the darkness of this world. The third book is the one that really got me into the world of the boy who lived.

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    Advanced Magic

  • I Put a Spell on You
    I Put a Spell on You

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    It doesn't have any specific message, but I hope you could enjoy it!!

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    I Put a Spell on You

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leetjh 4 hours ago
Sadly, I now remember that Hocus Pocus existed.  I did not need that.  I wish I'd forgotten to check the site today.
kaylarbear 4 hours ago
Hocus Pocus! Ah!!  And freaking GAWGEOUS Harry Potter art.  Hats off to you, TeeFury.
kabloobilen 5 hours ago
Oh hells, anything Potter or Hocus Pocus is insta-buy for me. RIP my money.
InsaneStrawb 8 hours ago
Loving the Advanced Magic design, got no room in my wardrobe but I can't wait to see more of El Black Bat's work :)
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
Thanks for stopping by, InsaneStrawb! We are happy to have El Black Bat join TeeFury! 
El Black Bat 5 hours ago
PandarenPride 8 hours ago
I just ordered the Hocus Pocus design. I can't wait! 
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
You're going to love it!
melpkon 9 hours ago
"Advanced Magic" makes great use of color. I love the sunrise/sunset pallet.
El Black Bat 5 hours ago
stacimcc 10 hours ago
i love the dementors in the shape of the stag around Harry and Hermione, but I don't like how Harry's face is blacked out and that Ron is over Hermione's shoulder.  He wasn't there for this, so why is he on the shirt? 
D2Diamond 7 hours ago
Because I'm pretty sure it's just supposed to be a Harry Potter shirt, not a specific moment in the book.  Personally I love the shirt the way it is.
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
You got it, D2Diamond!
El Black Bat 5 hours ago
I just wanted to have the 3 characters in the design. Harrys face is blacked out because I wanted him to be more of a silhouette and so you could just see his iconic glasses and scar to be recognizable. 
Vanityxo 10 hours ago
I REALLY hate when I click on your ads on Facebook and its a really cool design I want to purchase... and then I get here and its nowhere to be found. :(
TeeFury Staff 7 hours ago
Oh no! We hate that too! What tee design are you looking for? We can help you find it!
tortugaviejo 11 hours ago
The Hocus Pocus one would be cool if it had more effort put into it.
Kate O'Brien 12 hours ago
The "advanced magic" one is a beautifully stylised image. True art.
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
We are so glad you think so, Kate! El Black Bat did a great job!
El Black Bat 5 hours ago
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