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Today's Deal Ends In
Hello 626
by JBaz 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.10
The Spirit of Ohana
by Latvilous 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.10

Battle stats

Hello 626
The Spirit of Ohana

Battle stats

Hello 626
The Spirit of Ohana
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  • Friendly Skies Flash Sale

  • Neko Poster

  • Galaxy Forest Conservation

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InsaneStrawb less than 1 minute ago
I really like the second tee because of the Totoro aspect of it but I'm not a fan of Lilo and Stitch. What a shame :(
Casey Bainter 2 hours ago
Awwwww. Having JUST hopped off the plane back from Maui, I am sitting in my living room pining away for more Hawaii. Well played, TeeFury, well played.

jackalope82 2 hours ago
I love the 2nd so much, but why can't turquoise be available in the adult sizes, that color is so pretty with this shirt design..
RCElliott 3 hours ago
Are you kidding me? Two weeks until Megacon, I'm scrimping and saving, and you do THIS!? I am a ball of emotions and all of them are sad because I can't buy either of these.

Both are absolutely beautiful designs~
mwatk00m 3 hours ago
I love stitch! but....i do wish his foot wasnt up on the "Hello 626" I would have thought it cuter if he was wearing a grass skirt with just the two arms. and the other design is Beautiful though i am not a fan of totoro I do like other Hayao Miyazaki movies so I this might have to have it!
Molly Solomon 5 hours ago
Stitch + Totoro...EPICCCCC
LucidKiss 5 hours ago
Both great designs, super cute!!!
Daino L 5 hours ago
5 appendages on the first one?
surf_wax 5 hours ago
His foot would hide #6.
RCElliott 3 hours ago
There should be a sixth behind the raised leg! :D 

If you don't know (I'm hoping you do but if not) Stitch--aka Experiment 626--is an illegal genetic experiment created by the mad alien scientist Jumba Jookiba. He is the 626th of 629 experiments that are known to exist from Jumba's lab. Stitch has six appendages, four arms, two legs (the four arms can act as legs), the middle arms can be retracted within his body when not in use or for disguise purposes.
shawnbear 5 hours ago
I'm absolutely in love with them both. Impeccably Awesome.  I'm definitely buying two of each. Crikey I love it when you promotes Stitch designs, Teefury! Love. Love. Love