Over the Hill
by AlynSpiller 
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Over the Hill
Over the Hill
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    This is their journey from light to dark; encapsulating the mood and feel of iconic locations through ambience and colour.

  • Who are you?

    I'm a freelance digital artist from Wales.

  • Any shout outs?

    Thanks to TeeFury and to everyone who buys the T-Shirt.

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Over the Hill
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Andrew Erk less than 1 minute ago
t_freak 3 hours ago
One question: when is TeeFury going to come out with mouse pads ??!!
Fieronis less than 1 minute ago
I think they won't ever come out with them, because they don't sell well. Most people no longer use mouse pads, as mice are made to be usable on more surfaces now.
Cody less than 1 minute ago
True. And most people that DO use mouse pads are looking for high performance, and colorful designs are a bit antithetical to that.
jlegrange 4 hours ago
Well I've ordered every other lotr shirt so I can't miss this. Great design! 
Sprikolas 2 hours ago
I know. Feel that. I have allllllll the Lotr shirts...
Chris Setliff 5 hours ago
Charcoal is the best color option! Makes it so blurry you can't tell its a LOTR shirt! I'm buying 3 in charcoal! So my wife n son can be blurry with me! Best color choice ever!
DarkBeast97 4 hours ago
Why would not want to be able to tell it was LOTR

Notthedoctor 5 hours ago
Great design!! Instabuy in black 
funkdefunk 7 hours ago
Definitely charcoal ftw!
Alidoll 8 hours ago
The charcoal looks horrible! Short only really works in black (which does look amazing). Would have been better with just the one (or two at very most) colour options on this design.
Maximelene 6 hours ago
How exactly would it have been better to have less options?
MaxDyssan 6 hours ago
I have to agree with Alidoll here, it really does only work in black.
alyssajayne 5 hours ago
Unrelated, but TSUKIKO!!
tortugaviejo 5 hours ago
Well, when only two of them look good...
Alidoll 2 hours ago
Black and navy only instead of including the charcoal which looks really washed out and ruins the design as can't see it clearly. 
andrewmwilenski 8 hours ago
I have a lot of LOTR and hobbit shirts this is very pretty yet simple going to buy this for my collection.
LoneWanderer 8 hours ago
That is a beautiful design. True, it only works on black, but it's so colourful it won't feel like wearing a bland shirt, nor will it ever be taking the easy way out in terms of colour coordination!
ladyfrost321 9 hours ago
Charcoal is a bad choice for this since the design just fades out and it truly doesn't catch the lovely detail of this. Black shirt makes it look so nice. 
Peachiko 9 hours ago
Ugh, I agree! The Charcoal looks awful x_x;;; 
Peachiko 9 hours ago
Navy actually looks kinda bad, too.... Black it is, then!