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4-Star Destiny
by Latvilous 
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4-Star Destiny
4-Star Destiny
  • Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.

    The classic journey from my childhood that began with just four stars!

  • Who are you?

    A massive geek who loves Pop Culture, Video Games and Hot Dogs!

  • Any shout outs?

    I'd like to shout out an old friend of mine who helped come up with the initial idea :)

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4-Star Destiny
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iamtardisgirl 2 hours ago
What is the reference? Suikadan??
LordOssiss 2 hours ago
Are... Are you serious? 

Cambrey 3 hours ago
Awww... cute tee.
Francisco Morales 13 hours ago
Wish they had V-necks or Fitted T options. :(
thrnthrn22 10 hours ago
or tank tops :(
CeMah 5 hours ago
They are fitted. But I'm down for making them v neck!
theproperlyhyena 13 hours ago
I love the simplicity. I got one in powder blue. :]
WillowsRed 13 hours ago
Charliemoon 14 hours ago
I love it! 
LucidKiss 14 hours ago
This is really nice!!!
ReesesChan 14 hours ago
yaceman 14 hours ago
OptimusAPrimus 14 hours ago
Kick rocks bud.

Adam Garai 4 hours ago
Not a fan of DBZ, eh? I suppose Spongebob is more your style.
Sayuri_me 3 hours ago
superbombastik 3 hours ago
I'm with ya yaceman. The disign is well done I guess bUT I tire of these "sticker" type designs with no background and with everything going on now around mad max and untouched greats like Land of the Giants why another DBZ? That was a low for Anime that made Thundercats and TMNT look like Shakespeare.