Today's Deal Ends In
Gamer Nouveau
by MedusaD 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.05
Yakoopa Luigi
by Eduvieirart 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.05

Battle stats

Gamer Nouveau
Yakoopa Luigi

Battle stats

Gamer Nouveau
Yakoopa Luigi
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Glitterbat less than 1 minute ago
I adore the "Gamer" design so much, but my only complaint is that most of the games shown are Nintendo-centric.  I've never played any of them, so I feel a bit odd about wearing a shirt with them so prominent.

Now, if there was a PC- or PS-centric version, or even just a more generic one, I would buy that in a heartbeat.  The design is stunning and I love it.
kabloobilen less than 1 minute ago
Is the gamer one supposed to be Vivian James? 
Romwald Blackdere less than 1 minute ago
It isn't. It's just a redhead girl who loves games.
kceasley 4 hours ago
Gamer Noveau... want waNT WANT!!!!!!!!
danikaze 5 hours ago
Since Gamer Noveau is hard to understand... just search Alphonse Mucha ;)
You are welcome
Shalimar Henderson 7 hours ago
Please please PLEASE make Gamer Nouveau available as a poster. I need this in my life!
shirbm 9 hours ago
Woohoo! I love the gamer design. Do I want it on a shirt or on shoes? I can't decide!
ULYXX 10 hours ago
Seeing how I already have the Mario Yakuza shirt, I have to get Luigi.  Been waiting a loooong time for this design.  :)
nickkoschka 4 hours ago
Had to get this to complete the set....have the Mario and peach ones!
jsquared25 10 hours ago
Awesome! Got the Luigi to match the Mario I have. I really like the Gamer tee and all it's references but just not my style. Great job artists!
OfficeInk 10 hours ago
I love the Gamer Nouveau design!  It fits my personality and style perfectly! It must be added to my Tee Collection! :)
RCElliott 10 hours ago
*heavy breathing* I NEED that gamer shirt.