• Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    Nigma is probably my favorite part of the games and I wanted to create something built around his signature Trophy. My goal was to emphasize the question mark and build around it with a mix of his industrialism and manic-ness. Riddle me this! What letter of the alphabet can you wear?

    • glow_in_the_dark

    Nigma Deathtraps

    by everdream

  • Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck
    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    This is a classical Pin-up pose but I felt that I needed to convey a better image of who the character is. So I thought of making her part of a Playing Cards deck as the Queen of Diamonds. That pretty much nailed the composition as a whole.

    • artist_debut_badge

    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    by KimiSz

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rdrdefalco 2 hours ago
Where is the like button now on the new layout?
zetsuei 2 hours ago
Bought Nigma shirt. Tempted to get both tho'.
sairaevet 2 hours ago
Where are the models?!!?!?

great shirts too....
Archangelous 4 hours ago
Will the Quinn of Diamonds ones still be available at the regular price later on as may not be able to get it now?
quailstore 5 hours ago
Missing the old site, but like the t-shirts.  Had to buy both.  The glow and the Dark feature is pretty cool, and my first cartoon crush Harley Quinn cannot pass that up.  Love the Batman Shirts, don't really like the new Tee Fury layout.  Please go back to the way it was.
stormcrow78 8 hours ago
This is everything I ever wanted in a Riddler shirt. Bless, it's perfect and I'm so excited to have it.
jackalope82 9 hours ago
What's the first shirt from? I have no idea if it is from something or not. I like the Harley shirt. Its pretty neat.
lunettefox 9 hours ago
It's from the same thing Harley is; Batman. Edward "Nigma" - The Riddler. Loves to make puzzles and traps for Batman
TeeFury Staff 9 hours ago
Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your input on the new site layout. All constructive comments will be taken into consideration as we work hard to improve your TeeFury experience.
eddduu 10 hours ago
boogityboy 6 hours ago
It depends on the writer. Both are used and accepted, so it's not wrong.
boogityboy 11 hours ago
Poster version of Harley please
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