• I, Ron Man
    I, Ron Man

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    Never trust a superhero that can handle his drink...

  • Poke-terrestrial

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    This was the first real design I ever did, that I've now come back to after 2 years. I can do a lot more fancy-shmancy things with digital art now - and it's awesome!

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waltsworld less than 1 minute ago
Brilliant! I love it when your t's make me laugh out loud, not just LOL, but i'm running out of drawer space for all the awesome shirts I've bought from Tee Fury.
shanemichael 4 hours ago
Whoa!  Some may not remember, but I,Ron Man is a great homage to a classic cover. Nicely done!

crypticpain 14 hours ago
I love the Parks and Rec shirt lol.
ThunderX 23 hours ago
That Pokémon/E.T. mash-up is beautiful.
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