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My Rebel Pony
by DJKopet 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.10
by Skullpy 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.10

Battle stats

My Rebel Pony

Battle stats

My Rebel Pony
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hellohahanarf less than 1 minute ago
being broke is no fun. i really like both of these designs. great job, artists!!
Muffincannon less than 1 minute ago
Everyone is so salty. Not every shirt will be a winner for everyone. G dang it.
Jon Sherman 1 hours ago
Just sitting here...waiting for Pokemon
MRender 5 hours ago
I truly hate Star Wars! But I have to have the Rebel pony shirt!! :)
2 more excellent designs, congrats to the artist.
jemeoww 8 hours ago
wow, more star wars..... haven't bought anything in weeks, teefury!!! hoping for a really amazing gravity falls t. it's been on my mind.
AkikoDiedra 2 hours ago
Did you see this one?
jcarrano52 2 hours ago

Check out the "Outside the Lines" collection! There are two Gravity Falls shirts in there right now!!!

zyang 8 hours ago
Two swings and they both miss, Teefury.

JohnSimeone 8 hours ago
DJKopet, like most of the artists who submit male pony shirts, is unfamiliar with the sexual dimorphism in regard to the character design on that show.
jeffswarday 4 hours ago
Actually, I am not quite sure what you are talking about... if you notice, he does have the straight lined face that males have from the show where woman have the curved face, and other male features as well. I know what sexual dimorphism is, and it looks to me like the artist drew a male for a male character, so I don't get what your problem is. 
jackalope82 8 hours ago
Well its cute and all the first one, but why does he have white wings? Wouldn't it make sense if the wings were the same color as him?
rhyno 8 hours ago
UGH!  my rebel pony is the Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars teeshirts...Who Ya Gonna Call?
lemonarium 9 hours ago
Why am I not surprised.