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    The Princess
    The Princess

    The Princess

  • A Less Civilized Age
    A Less Civilized Age

    A Less Civilized Age

LewisCurtis 2 hours ago
my anty tis not dallor,s its me over time something classic last time ......
spab23 3 hours ago
Is that a Death Star Mouse Droid with Mickey ears in front of the wampa? Nice touch.
MiriamRae 4 hours ago
Junior sizes are super small, I get my daughter a jr. size. Make sure to look at the measurements, they can sometimes work.
wonderwoman 5 hours ago
My daughter would LOVE this Leia tee, but the youth sizes start at medium, which are now HUGE. I don't understand why you list XS & S as youth sizes but then don't offer them. The last tee I purchased for her was a Totoro design & it's so big on her she won't be able to wear it for years. 
Kathy Pascover 4 hours ago
Look at the measurements of the junior sizes, which they do have in XS. It would be long, but you could hem it or just tie it at the waist!
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Hey, wonderwoman -- This design is not offered on Youth XS and S as the print is too large for the tee. Sorry about that! 
jeffreydavid 7 hours ago
Please, take this comment down if you must, but then will you stop posting art that plagiarizes Calvin and Hobbes? Watterson really, really doesn't appreciate it, if you know anything about the guy. It's not even anything original, you guys just keep copying and pasting the wagon graphics like it's something I haven't seen 20 times on all the other t-shirt sites.
Fargonaut 6 hours ago
Watterson knew what could happen if he didn't license his work. His artistic integrity is what kept him from doing it, but fans of the comic enjoy things like this. If Watterson wants them to stop, he can send them a letter or something. Until then, in say let them reap the benefits because that's a shirt I would love to have.
jeffreydavid 3 hours ago
As a fan of this website here, I expect them to not recycle the same designs over and over again.
corradoborg 5 hours ago
This is not plagiarism. It is parody, which is protected as "fair use" under copyright laws. If Watterson doesn't like it, he should lobby to have the laws changed. But really, if he's uncomfortable with his art being honored through homage, then he shouldn't have published it. 
[email protected] 15 hours ago
I love them both. I love how you made all the star wars creatures like they were cute little animals. Very awesome.
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Captain Ribman knows what he's doing! Glad you are enjoying this one, Stokes! 
darkkari 16 hours ago
Not getting any today but do want to say the Princess looks nice in Navy Blue
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Thanks darkkari - we think so too! 
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