Magic Will Never End
by StudioM6 
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Magic Will Never End
Magic Will Never End
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    This design is inspired by the magic...

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    Hi! My name is Moises aka StudioM6. I'm a self taught illustrator and graphic designer from Spain. :)

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Magic Will Never End
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Saekochan 3 hours ago
Great design! Of the three color choices, I like the print on the navy the best. But, that said, I really think that this should have been done on a burgundy or orange because Gryffindor. But that's just me.
Hell_Oh17 3 hours ago
Really nice design! I love it! So bad I'm broke right now :-( Would be great on a poster too! :-D
darthamanda 4 hours ago
I like it but I would like to see more options for colors. I have so many black, dark gray and navy blue tshirts that I can't wear outside during the warmer months. I would love to see more designs in mid range colors like red, blue, green and obviously not for Harry Potter but maybe some pinks and purples. Good luck to the artist.
wolfchick67 6 hours ago
Considering that it's an original design, this is awesome. It would look great on like a hat or maybe even as a tattoo. But, to be honest, it's definitely not my favorite HP shirt and I'll probably be spending my money elsewhere. Plus, the world of HP is full of color. This shirt would be better if it was, too.
julianalafay 6 hours ago
I love this design!  Wouldn't a Gryffindor red or orange have been more appropriate than navy?
Sninja13 7 hours ago
I do really like the overall design, I am just really confused by the artist's choice of spells. It just kind of seems like the spells were chosen at random, especially the Killing Curse which Harry would never use.
bethebelle92 7 hours ago
I find that reducto might be the most random spell. All the others are major points in his life. AK- changed his life forever- multiple times, WL- first spell he learned in school, EP- his happiest memories and a connection to his father.
bigphilly 8 hours ago
Not for anything. But 45$ for a poster isnt good at all
Maddy_VK 7 hours ago
$35 for leggings is pretty ridiculous as well; those had better be Victoria's Secret quality!
JanderVK 6 hours ago
It's to keep people from wearing leggings.
Brooks101 5 hours ago
I bought a pair for my wife and they were awesome. The quality, fit and function were perfect.  I talked with customer service before I bought a pair and they informed me they were modeled after the leggings sold on Black Milk at less than 1/2 the cost.

Nyamochan 5 hours ago
They seem ridiculously expensive but you get what you pay for, they're great quality and I love my Pokemon ones, they're very unusual!
kittyhaynes 5 hours ago
Like Brooks said, this is actually an excellent price in comparison to most fandom printed leggings you'll find online, if not one the cheapest.  The cheapest I've been able to find is $35 and these are excellent quality in comparison to some I've had for that price. 
The Sacred Wolf 5 hours ago
Big Phily are you crazy? A 27x40 theater quality movie poster is a steal at that price. Who wouldn't want to adorn their theater or bedroom walls with a high quality film poster. I say it's about time Tee Fury starts offering us a greater variety of items. 
bigphilly 5 hours ago
Ye i guess so. The price to threw me off alittle. Probably guna get the sizze down of the alien and predator. Stick them beside eachother
Gonzora 12 hours ago
Too bad this t-Shirt is not fluorescent. The design lent itself well.
Zogtee 15 hours ago
Very nice, although it cries out for a spot of color somewhere.
Sarah Meland 16 hours ago
I think the design on the silver tee is actually quite striking. lf I weren't already broke, thanks to this site and a serious lack of impulse control, I'd get it on the silver tee.