Today's Deal Ends In
Ceci n'est pa une artiste
by butcherbilly 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.05
Hyrule Valley
by jangosnow 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.05

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Ceci n'est pa une artiste
Hyrule Valley

Battle stats

Ceci n'est pa une artiste
Hyrule Valley
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Danger2bme 2 hours ago
was considering getting this T (zelda) and a grab bag but it is $7 shipping vs. $3.  Not sure why adding just 1 more shirt is such a huge increase.  BAH.  I guess no grab bag for me.
Dan Gamsby 2 hours ago
I am a huge tee fury fan, buy many shirts. I just find WAY too many times the graphic is needlessly large on the tee shirt. Can you consider slighty reducing the size of some of the designs?
Mali Hawthorne 2 hours ago
I feel the opposite - I think most tees have graphics that are way too small!
funkdefunk 1 hours ago
same same, I do not want a pocket protector Kanye.
jackalope82 3 hours ago
I don't get the first one, but the Zelda shirt is not half bad.
Kwill81 2 hours ago
The first one is a reference to a famous painting called This is Not a Pipe (it is a painting of a pipe).  The shirt says this is not an artist.
carlwbrownjr 5 hours ago
But if I buy it, won't Kanye come running into my place and tell me someone else deserves it more???
Danger2bme 5 hours ago
wow...I have so many zelda shirts now but this one is so different....tough decision.....
CyberGaston 4 hours ago
I was thinking the same.  Plus the infinity triangle as a triforce is pretty cool.
wingedyeti 8 hours ago
Finally a yellow shirt and i don't want it :( MORE YELLOW SHIRTS PLEASE! BRING ON THE COLORS!
laceygirl 11 hours ago
Bought Wild Card from the Gallery instead... Tim Shumate rocks... :)
fets 13 hours ago
As a Magritte and South Park fan, but not a Kanye fan.... I love Not an Artist.
gussfinknott 6 hours ago
I think the neat thing is the t-shirt can be pro/anti Kanye. Either the statement is about Kanye or the statement is true to Magritte's original intentions - of course it's not an artist, it's a picture of one
Iobaer 14 hours ago
The design is "un" artiste though....
Katakimiku 14 hours ago
That's the article of masculine gender ;) In French, "pipe" belongs to the feminine gender.
Agawin 15 hours ago
I haven't played Monument Valley, but I might have to get this one anyway. Penrose triangles are cool.
jangosnow 3 hours ago
Great game. Glad you noticed one of my inspirations for this design!