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April 2015 Grab Bag
by teefury 
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Estimated Domestic delivery on May.01
April 2015 Grab Bag
April 2015 Grab Bag
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Joanna Oei 1 hours ago
If the grab bags were themed according to a broad category, then I'm sure I'll risk buying one as I would know at least if I could live with any of the items in that category.
Andi Shalauta 1 hours ago
I think that is a marvelous idea.
jaredevans 2 hours ago
am i the only person here that hates the grab bag?
Lucifuge84 2 hours ago
I'm with you there.
Chaiiro03 2 hours ago
Same here
Zogtee 1 hours ago
I hear you. I never got the appeal of "Throw away your money, there's a chance you'll get something you don't hate" deals.
Rennfaire 1 hours ago
I despise the Grab Bag! 
Mosteel831 less than 1 minute ago
There have been themed grab bags in the past. I can only remember a Dr. Who and a marvel one. Hopefully we see more of those guys!
RCElliott less than 1 minute ago
I just hate that it's a all or none grab bag, like can't we have a choice? Sci-Fi, Gaming, Fantasy... It would make sales for Grab Bags a lot better if there was some kind of system to it, for sure. 
laceygirl 2 hours ago
I bought nine shirts in April so I'll check back in tomorrow... :-)