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Today's Deal Ends In
Ceci n'est pa une artiste
by butcherbilly 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.05
Hyrule Valley
by jangosnow 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.05

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Ceci n'est pa une artiste
Hyrule Valley

Battle stats

Ceci n'est pa une artiste
Hyrule Valley
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mfalvy less than 1 minute ago
Is anyone else having problems ordering tees?? I just tried to get a couple from the grab bag and it won't let me get past the shipping selection screen. Also, it won't let me submit a ticket under their "contact us" page. I guess this is a TeeFury server issue? Ordering from my mobile device also doesn't work. Any ideas?
Anonymous less than 1 minute ago
Hello mfalvy, we are aware of the issue, everything should be back online in about 15 minutes. Thank you for your patience!
carrowsboy less than 1 minute ago
It has been 3 weeks since I ordered the Bea Good tee and it is still "fulfilling." What the heck is going on???
TeeFury Staff less than 1 minute ago
Hi Carrowsboy, Thank you for getting in touch with us and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you haven't already, please get in touch with us through our "Contact Us" page here: http://goo.gl/HYgjte , so a customer service rep can take a look at your account. 

Darcy Tectonic less than 1 minute ago
whoever made the treachery of art/kanye image kinda blew it. instead of this is not an artist it should have said this IS an artist if you want to keep up with the original intent of the treachery of art. 
Danger2bme 6 hours ago
was considering getting this T (zelda) and a grab bag but it is $7 shipping vs. $3.  Not sure why adding just 1 more shirt is such a huge increase.  BAH.  I guess no grab bag for me.
Dan Gamsby 6 hours ago
I am a huge tee fury fan, buy many shirts. I just find WAY too many times the graphic is needlessly large on the tee shirt. Can you consider slighty reducing the size of some of the designs?
Mali Hawthorne 5 hours ago
I feel the opposite - I think most tees have graphics that are way too small!
funkdefunk 5 hours ago
same same, I do not want a pocket protector Kanye.
jackalope82 6 hours ago
I don't get the first one, but the Zelda shirt is not half bad.
Kwill81 5 hours ago
The first one is a reference to a famous painting called This is Not a Pipe (it is a painting of a pipe).  The shirt says this is not an artist.
carlwbrownjr 8 hours ago
But if I buy it, won't Kanye come running into my place and tell me someone else deserves it more???
Danger2bme 9 hours ago
wow...I have so many zelda shirts now but this one is so different....tough decision.....
CyberGaston 8 hours ago
I was thinking the same.  Plus the infinity triangle as a triforce is pretty cool.
wingedyeti 11 hours ago
Finally a yellow shirt and i don't want it :( MORE YELLOW SHIRTS PLEASE! BRING ON THE COLORS!
laceygirl 14 hours ago
Bought Wild Card from the Gallery instead... Tim Shumate rocks... :)