• Jones Institute of Archaeology
    Jones Institute of Archaeology

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    An institute founded by a world-renowned archaeologist dedicated to unearthing the mysteries of history.

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    Jones Institute of Archaeology

  • Invincible

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    Inside all of us is an invincible, black knight...Stand your ground!

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JanderVK 2 hours ago
As an aspiring archaeologist, awesome shirt!! :) And can't go wrong with Monty Python. 
scarybunnie 3 hours ago
Teefury is VERY behind on processing orders. (sauce: https://www.teefury.com/contacts/index/index/id/1272420/ )  I made a purchase on 11/11/2015 and it still has not shipped yet. I am hoping to get the ugly Christmas sweaters I ordered for myself and family before Christmas. Good luck to all who are ordering on Black Friday or later. https://www.teefury.com/contacts/index/index/id/1272420/
JanderVK 2 hours ago
That was just a little over 2 weeks ago. It takes time for them to print & ship their orders after their sales of the shirt ends. New shirts are not pre-printed so they don't over stock. Gimme gimme now now!! Whine whine whine generation.  
danielstee32 less than 1 minute ago
Dude i ordered mine a month ago, you telling me it takes 30 days to print two sweaters? Thats ridiculous! They take way too long point blank period. For all i know it could take another month. 
danielstee32 1 hours ago
Yea i ordered two ugly sweaters in early November and they still haven't been shipped. They sent me an email the other day claiming their orders are backed up and for me to be patient. I was planning on ordering more but not no more cause they take way too long, their loss.
gimmeshirts 4 hours ago
So in other words, we arent allowed to ask a simple question on this site regarding color? Okay, got it. Thanks TeeFury Staff for answering my question and not taking my question as a complaint or whining.
hoozdman 4 hours ago
hi folks, trying to use the code from my email and it is saying it is not valid.
CapitanaPat 4 hours ago
Can the Black Friday code only be used once? After I made my order I've decided I want a couple more and I can't use it anymore ):
spacebarbie 5 hours ago
Black friday code isn't working on gallery tees either.
TeeFury Staff 5 hours ago
It's working now, spacebarbie! 
Laura Phelon 6 hours ago
Black friday coupon code isn't working. Is it not applicable for ugly sweaters? The email only says that it does not apply to the daily tee.
TeeFury Staff 5 hours ago
Sorry about that Laura! You should be good to go now. 
Kev Drysdale 8 hours ago
Can you tell me how long it would take for postage to the UK. Would love one of the ugly sweaters but dont know if id get it in time

Vikki Turton 8 hours ago
whenever i buy from teefury they show up within about 2 weeks...
Glyn Lewins 7 hours ago
I've ordered loads and I've never had one take more than 10 days. They're delivered by UPS so very reliable and quick.
TeeFury Staff 5 hours ago
International shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks to arrive, but we know how time sensitive these are and are doing our best to get them to you ASAP! 
xxiggyxx 3 hours ago
I'm in Ireland and ordered October 3rd and still haven't gotten my order November 26th. This is the longest I've ever had to wait for an order but  I don't know if I'd put all my hopes in a Christmas jumper arriving on time. 
danielstee32 less than 1 minute ago
I ordered mine a month ago and they still haven't been shipped so if you do order something just know it will take atleast over a month. Plus its the holidays so im sure that makes orders take even longer. They sent me an email the other day claiming they are backed up on their orders. Its your call!
Rookheart 12 hours ago
Fencing atop moving vehicles and swinging monkeys aside...I wanted to use gold colored artifacts so the Crystal Skull didn't make the cut. I almost used the Sankara Stones but I liked the idol better.
Tisiphone 9 hours ago
Good call.
nickthegeek 13 hours ago
What, no love for the Crystal Skull? Heh ...
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