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    This mash up of the Deliverer of Darkness as a large terrorizing symbol of destruction only seemed fitting in the form of the Godzilla movie poster!

  • Who are you?

    Steve from Create or Destroy with my buddy Juan who I have taken under my wing as a new artist trying to make a name for himself.

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superbomb less than 1 minute ago
Go back to 2 designs per day and just don't make it a competition by having the sales chart. I never understood that concept? 
thesnowdog 2 hours ago
I much prefer it going back to the old way of doing things. I'm thinking about submitting a few designs and it's much better for the individual artists not having competition every day.
aaaa 4 hours ago
Great design, but like already said this is a poster design. I really wish the artists would keep that more in mind for shirt designs. Because I see it quite a lot when I check Teefury, poster designs on shirts. And sadly I don't like wearing posters. :(
Mica Kole less than 1 minute ago
I don't think the artists submit to categories. They just submit designs. Teefury is probably the one who decides whether a design goes on a tee or poster.
jeffswarday 4 hours ago
In a 30 day month, two option gives 60 different designs on a shirt (give or take grab bag days), one a day gives you 30 different designs.  One of those lost 30 designs, which are days you will never "make up for" later, you may have just lost out on your favorite shirt(s). It also doesn't make as much sense from a company stand point, since that is also half the shirts people could be buying, and that about half the profit. Two is better imo, but ultimately Teefury's call. 
Hades no1Minion 5 hours ago
I much preferred it when there was two to choose from. More variety, more choices for us, just better. Just remove the versus bar between to two and then it won't seem like such a competition.
Spoonman 5 hours ago
As much as I love Samurai Jack, I can't justify buying a third SJ t-shirt within the timespan of one month or so. 

Also this is a great design (liked it so much I set it as my phone's lock screen background awhile back)... but, it's really more of a poster-design.
Eehad 6 hours ago
Would be an instantbuy if it wouldn't be for the white AKU. But YAY for Samurai Jack shirts!! More please! :)
lshudall 9 hours ago
but why should we happy with something going back to how things used to be? Surely we should be moving forward! There are so many artists with great designs, what a shame that teefury is disappointing them as well as its customers.
excllsagaz 8 hours ago
I don't understand your argument about the Artists. Teefury used to have their shirt design as well as side art that showcased the artists other works, most of which had been or were future shirt designs. The whole versus thing is cool, but it puts two artists against each other. This way the spotlight is on one artist.
blurabbit147 9 hours ago
NO, teefury! stop it. I can't afford any more t-shirts so you aren't allowed to have any more cool ones for a month, at least.
Drizan 9 hours ago
Wish every great shirt wasn't in black or some other dark color. I would buy about 10 times more shirts if hey had a light colored option. Every shirt design should have a dark and light color choice rather than all light or all dark. I have enough dark colored shirts (and I am sure someone is thinking that they wish light colored shirts had some dark options).