April 2015 Grab Bag
by teefury 
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April 2015 Grab Bag
April 2015 Grab Bag
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GeekyMeggie less than 1 minute ago
Dear Teefury,
Please go back to separating out the Dr Who vs the NOT Dr Who grab bags.  
Got a who shirt in the last grab bag.  Ugh.
gmhawkin less than 1 minute ago
Just did the last grab bag for my 12 year old son. I didn't realize that when you do the grab bag it isn't just what is shown but anything they have from the past. Ordered 2 to increase my odds of getting something he would like...got 1 girly shirt & 1 it took us 2 days to figure out what it was referencing. Don't think we are the grab bag sort.
chandanista less than 1 minute ago
Over half of these are great! But I can't risk spending money to receive the couple I don't know or the couple I'd have to burn on sight (Kanye...blech).
K41N_of_2358 less than 1 minute ago
Yeah have to agree, 
I was looking through them all and was like "oh wow awesome" 
then I saw Kayne
"....Nope. The risk is too great"
HWilliams22 1 hours ago
If i could guarantee the triple prankster shirt i would do this.. too many i don't think i want!
Esaria 2 hours ago
If you could do more themed Grab Bags in the future it'd be amazing; such as gaming, fantasy, sci-fi etc. While I've gotten some pretty awesome Grab Bag shirts in the past sometimes it just seems like too large a risk - especially for someone who lives overseas and can't really do the grab bag tee swaps as a result XD;;
Tony Roberts 4 hours ago
Should have a virtual grabbag.  So everyones would be unveiled at once..Then have a marketplace where you can swap your design with other peoples.  Once you're happy, (or the trading time is up) you have it shipped.  Would make it easier for people to get what they want
Cody less than 1 minute ago
That's...actually a really great idea! It would get a lot more people involved in trading by removing the barrier of having to actually ship your own shirts, and help everyone get the shirts they want. Teefury, do this!
gmhawkin less than 1 minute ago
Or offer a clearance section removing the need for the grab bag.
Phenomenal One 4 hours ago
The only shirt I can see on the board is Kanye West.  I am not risking having that come to my house!  Sorry TeeFury 
Tigralia 5 hours ago
I've never had a bad grab bag and I buy 4 a month
sesamel0l 5 hours ago
Always too high of a chance to get a Dr. Who shirt. No thanks.
pp0u20e8 4 hours ago
llpalm08 4 hours ago

Are you kidding me? Out of all the designs in the picture only 2 are Doctor Who (It is not Dr. Who by the way, since his name is The Doctor not Dr. Who)

sesamel0l 2 hours ago
2 too many.
AtomAsthenia 5 hours ago
So, I just received my first grab bag in the mail yesterday. We should at least be allowed options as to like what category shirts we want. 3 out of the 6 I got were princess themed shirts. And they're large mens so what 6 ft 1 broad shouldered girl am I supposed to find to give these shirts to? I can wear shirts with girls on it, no problem. But Disney princesses? Gtfo. I'm never doing a grab bag again, unless my gf puts on 40 lbs in her upper body.
keletubbie 5 hours ago
My grab bag isn't here yet, but I hope I get a load of Disney Princess t shirts!
chandanista less than 1 minute ago
I would take those and wear them as pajama shirts, in a heartbeat. Too bad we don't know each other.