Today's Deal Ends In
A Stroll Through the Rift
by KindaCreative 
Estimated Domestic delivery on May.05
Gamer Forever
by Letter_Q 
Estimated Domestic delivery on May.05

Battle stats

A Stroll Through the Rift
Gamer Forever

Battle stats

A Stroll Through the Rift
Gamer Forever
  • WonderBomb

  • Moon Wands

  • Horror Skull Shoes

  • Part of your world

  • War poster

  • Horror Collection

  • Spirited

  • april

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Martin Lucaj less than 1 minute ago
Starting from the top and going clockwise.

End of Pain (Kingdom Hearts) Cloud's Buster Sword (FF7) Master Sword (Legend of Zelda) Maximus (Diablo 3) Dagger of Time (Prince of Persia) Chainsaw Gun (Gears of War) Big Daddy Drill (Bioshock) Portal Gun (Portal) Pokeball (Pokemon) Gravity Gun (Half-Life) Covenant Energy Sword (Halo) N7 Valkyrie (Mass Effect) Kratos sword (God of War) Frostmourne  (Warcraft) Squall's gunblade (FF8) Jecht's Sword (FFX)
mandiappleworthy less than 1 minute ago
Gamer Forever = instabuy ^_^
Winged Yeti less than 1 minute ago
Enough with the Navy, Grey, Royal Blue shirts. I've passed on 15-20 shirts because I have too many grey and navy shirts... And royal blue is the worst color shirt imaginable. I want that gamer shirt but give me something with COLOR! Where is the yellow (not cream)?! Turquoise is good but I have a lot of those now too since that's the only decent color that's ever offered. Give me more than 3 color choices per shirt and I'll give you my money. 
Andrea Friedman 1 hours ago
I ordered A MONTH ago on March 26. I expected a bit of a delay but this is absurd. I would have purchased more, too, but why would I purchase more when I never even received my first order??? I really like the tees on here but the absurdly slow processing will cause me to never order again. Perhaps they need to re-evaluate how the processing is being run.
Andrea Friedman 1 hours ago
...and I still have not received my order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivory Henson 1 hours ago
Don't slam the company because of one processing error. I've ordered from them numerous times and I've only had an issue with them being slow once and they cleared it up right away. Maybe you should actually contact customer service and talk to someone that can do something about it instead of just yelling in the comments section.
Destal 5 hours ago
Both are great, Annie is my fav champion in LoL and I just LOVE Calvin & Hobbes comic. But the gamer one is really really good, I'll buy this one.
ALTAROFDOOM 6 hours ago
what's the reference in the Calvin & Hobbes shirt?
nhal 6 hours ago
League of legends
Destal 5 hours ago
Yup it's from the game League of Legends, a character called Annie is a little girl with a teddybear that she can summon.
puckett101 less than 1 minute ago
I thought it was Whimsydale from Diablo 3 - LOL
crypticpain 7 hours ago
I hardly ever play LoL, but I love that shirt!
Paula Delles 10 hours ago
The very middle sword is definitely the End of Pain from Kingdom Hearts 3D.
Paula Delles 9 hours ago
And the unknown gun in the left is the N7 Valkyrie from Mass Effect.
Eric Nuvoli 10 hours ago
The red sword is called Maximus it's from Diablo 3
Neokenshin 10 hours ago
I'll try to identify everything in the Gamer Forever design, but there are a few items I don't recognize. Starting from the first one in the upper right and going clockwise: the Buster Sword (Cloud's sword from Final Fantasy), the Master Sword (central sword of the Zelda series), don't know the red one (help?), the dagger from Prince of Persia, the gun from Gears of War, a drill that is obviously referencing the Big Daddies in Bioshock, the portal gun (from Portal), a Pokeball, (cont. in reply)
Neokenshin 10 hours ago
(continued) the gravity gun (from Half Life), an energy sword (from Halo), can't place the gun but it looks so familiar (help?), one of Kratos' swords (from God of War), Frostmourne (Arthas the Lich King's sword from WoWarcraft), a gunblade (from Final Fantasy), and I need help with those last two swords. Can anyone fill in the four blanks I was unable to fill?