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Today's Deal Ends In
I'll See You Again
by diha 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.17
The OP - Original Princess
by kathudsonart 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.17

Battle stats

I'll See You Again
The OP - Original Princess

Battle stats

I'll See You Again
The OP - Original Princess
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Breakability less than 1 minute ago
I've never played Zelda (aside from Phantom Hourglass), but I love today's designs! Great job, artists!
Spiderboom 3 hours ago
I really love the first design but not enough to wear it on a shirt! 
Make more sheik shirts~~
olopez79 3 hours ago
Wow people really don't know Zelda? !
SkywardLight 3 hours ago
Why not black for the Sheik one? lol I know, I know. Some people are like "TOO MUCH BLACK" and some of us are like, "NOT ENOUGH BLACK!!" haha Still getting it
book 3 hours ago
Yep I am all about the black shirts  am sure that there is no such thing as too much black.  
Valim 3 hours ago
People really don't recognize these as Zelda designs?
nikeeweston 3 hours ago
No, some of us didn't play it. How strange, it's like we are humans and have free will and all like different things. Amazing isn't it. 
fenrisw01f 3 hours ago
And anyone that didn't use their free will to play the Legend of Zelda has abused their free will.
Gusty8 3 hours ago
What's Zelda?
book 3 hours ago
some do some don't.  Not everyone games and not everyone who games played the legend of Zelda.
VileVaVa 4 hours ago
fast looking,  i though it was saint seiya....sad it isnt =(
nikeeweston 4 hours ago
Ok someone please explain the designs? Cheers 
Lady_Incera 4 hours ago
Legend of Zelda designs 
nikeeweston 3 hours ago
Thank youuu
Agawin 4 hours ago
If I'm remembering correctly, Sheik says "I'll see you again" to Link at some point because she later meets him as Zelda (Sheik is Zelda).
joshtt 4 hours ago
Any idea what game?
dammitmel 2 hours ago
Ocarina of Time!
Lady_Incera 3 hours ago
I thought Sheik was a boy for the longest time when first playing - Zelda became much cooler, though I was a bit bummed.