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Today's Deal Ends In
by mattsinorart 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.15
America *!@# Yeah
by Fishbiscuit 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.15

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America *!@# Yeah

Battle stats

America *!@# Yeah
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Wes Johnson 8 hours ago
Sigh... two clunkers, but my wallet appreciates it. :/
funkdefunk 9 hours ago
Big 'ol bunch of babies with a serious case of first world problems. The problem isn't that they didn't offer this two weeks ago, the problem is a whole bunch of you buy t-shirts for one day out of the year. Sheesh.
AnCoimisineir 10 hours ago
This is unrelated to this design,but how long does it take to ship a tee?!!!! I made my order back in mid June (16th) for the nightwatch shirt and it still shows printing. Opened a ticket a week ago and still no response. 
anvilone 8 hours ago
It takes a few weeks. TeeFury doesn't order a boat load of shirts for each design, they print them after the orders have been placed. Shipping takes as long as any service, but printing takes a while. I haven't checked before, but TeeFury badly needs an FAQ for this because there are comments like yours every day.
ibmike 12 hours ago
wearing a holiday shirt on the actual holiday is kind of geeky even for geeks
[email protected] 12 hours ago
You're exactly right!  I wear my national park shirts on days like today.
jamiemp 11 hours ago
I'm wearing a holiday shirt, and now I feel ashamed! *runs away crying*
[email protected] 12 hours ago
Geez!  From the commentary, you would think this was the last Independence Day ever.  Maybe I've seen too many Independence Days, but I know I could order a shirt today and it would STILL be OK to wear it next year (or for Veterans Day, or for election day, or for Labor Day).  It would be nice for Teefury to offer these shirts in May, but would people think ahead enough to know that they would be available for July?
nikeeweston 14 hours ago
Finally a VEEP tee yeahhh
Zugarific 15 hours ago
Why are people saying these are time sensitive designs?  One looks like a Veep and Beaker mash, the other is still relevant every day, because 'murica.
timconklin 10 hours ago
I wouldn't wear the america shirt any other day but the 4th.

I live in california, don't dip, and don't own a truck.

It's a wasted shirt for me outside of the 4th.
tuckerbites 10 hours ago
It appears u misunderstand what America is in general.
iroc1989 8 hours ago
I'm not even patriotic but wow, that was offensive for two reasons. Offensive to the south and the fact that you clearly know nothing of why we celebrate Independence Day.  Don't celebrate the 4th of July if you think it's only about "dipping and owning a truck."
CClancy 16 hours ago
No appeal for Australians.
Django1Chain 18 hours ago
Why not just make a section on the site specifically for holiday designs and then just rotate the Holiday gear throughout the year to match each coming holiday
Satchriani 18 hours ago
Once again... late. Why would I buy these the day before Independence Day? C'mon T-Fury! You do this with every holiday!!