Today's Deal Ends In
Sons of the Lich
by Adrian Filmore 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.10
Deliverer of Darkness
by Kasey Fleming 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.10

Battle stats

Sons of the Lich
Deliverer of Darkness

Battle stats

Sons of the Lich
Deliverer of Darkness
  • Galaxy Forest Conservation

  • AdventureWars poster

  • YouthSizes

  • Ecto Coolest shirt

  • BirdwatchersClub

  • Shirts and Recreation

  • Caff-Fiends Collection

  • February 2015

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crazylegsk less than 1 minute ago
AHHHHHHH back to the jack for sure!!!!!
Raymond Reinhart less than 1 minute ago
Delivered of darkness might be cool to have on a cream colored tank top. I'd pay for that.
Kasey Fleming 1 hours ago
I love how jake is hidden on the shirt. Well done!
fkauber 3 hours ago
Samurai Jack Instabuy. This show should get more love, however today would have been the day to honor Leonard Nimoy - hope to see those designs! BTW, performance shirts as an option would be terrific.
taozenrat 4 hours ago
Insta-Buy on the Samurai Jack.  RIP Mako.
chrissylynn80 6 hours ago
Adventure time! Yes! Please get more. Also some family guy would be awesome.
Starfired 6 hours ago
Same Wished they would have a design with one or more of the princess on it, like PB, or FP, or even the Ice King. 
InsaneStrawb 7 hours ago
Hello TeeFuryians
My survey I have conducted on here for the past couple of days is finally complete with 200 response in total. I'd like to thank every single one of you for participating in this survey because it means a lot to me because it's for my Business Studies project which my teacher assigned me. I was only supposed to get 20 response and I got 200 so my teacher is gonna be surprised :P And once again thank you to all the people who gave responses :)
balorth 10 hours ago
Back to the Jack.Samurai Jack. :3
Aku 10 hours ago
Foolish samurai warrior...
SamuraiJack 10 hours ago
Archersaurus 12 hours ago
"Long ago in a Distant Land, I AKU, the shape shifting master of darkness, released and unspeakable evil; but a foolish samurai warrior, wielding a magic sword, stepped forth to oppose me.

Before the final blow was struck I torn open a portal in time and flung him forward into the future, where my evil is LAW.

Now the fool seeks to return to the past...

and undo the future that is AKU!"

**Sorry kinda freaking out right now.