• Forest Spirits
    Forest Spirits

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    Justyna Dorsz

    Spirits hiding in the forest.

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    Forest Spirits

  • Go Go Poke Rangers
    Go Go Poke Rangers

    Go Go Poke Rangers

Batsugame 3 hours ago
I can always use another great Ghibli shirt! :D And I've seen several Poke Ranger designs, but this one is by far the best! I hate making decisions.
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
Why not both?! :)
LuvRobot 4 hours ago
I'm trying to order it, and it keeps telling me I have 0 items in my cart! Would really like to purchase, love the design....
DaveD76 4 hours ago
Make sure you select color and size before trying to check out, I make this mistake all the time. 
LuvRobot 4 hours ago
I had to exit and re-open, finally got it to work, thanks!
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Thanks for helping @LuvRobot out, Dave!
sadaliengirl 5 hours ago
no black :(  ...sad
jessica wyman 6 hours ago
Forest Spirits is gorgeous!!!!!
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
We couldn't agree more - Justyna did an amazing job!
Justyna Dorsz 3 hours ago
Thank you Jessica and TeeFury! :D
Benjack 7 hours ago
Can we have more Doctor Who and Sci Fi / fantasy related shirts, less anime and poke mon?
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Hey @Benjack - We have tons of Doctor Who and Sci-Fi/Fantasy style designs available on our site. Just check out our "Tees" section up above! :)
queenb34698 10 hours ago
forest spirits is gorgeous. Must buy! Thank you for such amazing work. 
Justyna Dorsz 7 hours ago
thank you for such a lovely comment :)
liquidtrails 13 hours ago
Forest Spirits is just amazingly awesome! Instabuy!!!!!!
Justyna Dorsz 11 hours ago
glad you like it :) thank you very much, liquidtrails!
white_rabbit 15 hours ago
Both are very great designs!
Justyna Dorsz 14 hours ago
thank you :)
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