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Molded Mischief
by Poopsmoothie 
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Molded Mischief

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Molded Mischief
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mbkerr less than 1 minute ago
I patiently await a Scarecrow design, based on the Batman: The Animated Series or the Arkham Series.
spacebarbie less than 1 minute ago
why did a clayface design have to come up when I'm skint? 
Deameus 1 hours ago
Noooooo! I must have the Peace shirt, but I'm so broke! Please put this in the gallery so I can buy it later! Pleeeeease!
SkywardLight 5 hours ago
PEACE!! INSTABUY!! I have the Korra one in this style, obviously need Aang now. This is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHH!!! Hahahaha
Chris Setliff 5 hours ago
Can someone please make a shirt with all the vehicles of the best 70's, 80's shows but have them as transformers? I'm imagining the A Team van, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, KITT, The Bandit, The General Lee, Airwolf, The two CHiPs Bikes, the pick up truck from The Fall Guy, the Starsky & Hutch car, The Batmobile, The Ectomobile, etc., all standing around as robots.. Would be the best shirt in history!
InsaneStrawb 2 hours ago
Someone's already made a shirt like that with the famous 80s/90s show. I've seen it before so I'll try and find you the link.
MRender 1 hours ago
If you have a suggestion put it on the suggestions page of the forum. They do get read :)
pumpkinpoptartking 5 hours ago
Hey Teefury! Whatever happened to last Sunday's "80s" Free Tshirt giveaway contest!? No "announcement was made Monday" for the winners or maybe just didn't see it posted??? Any news?
nagromsb 2 hours ago
I'm thinking they just contacted the winner on Monday. No need really for an 'announcement'  
nipsocalypso 6 hours ago
Love the Clayface tee. Keep the villains coming Teefury.
Elizabeth Meale 6 hours ago
As beautiful as Peace is I'd love to see an Avatar tee that didn't just feature the Avatar.  Aang and Korra were never the drawcard foe me...
Scott Reeves 6 hours ago
Ugh I saw "Peace" and for a split second I thought we were gonna get a Wizards tee
idemax 7 hours ago
A Clash of Clan t-shirt would be good! :D