• Divided We Stand
    Divided We Stand

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    Our heroes are divided into two camps. Reds and Blues will fight brother against brother. Everyone must choose sides.

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    Divided We Stand

  • Geeky Holidays
    Geeky Holidays

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    Captain Ribman

    Have a super holiday season!

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    Geeky Holidays

June Nelson Norris less than 1 minute ago
I'm still waiting for mine i ordered nov 2nd..cant trust that anything ordered now will arrive on tim. If it doesn't arrive by the time my bill is ready to pay I'm not paying for it.. sad because we love their styles

nerfturbo less than 1 minute ago
Calm down.  It will arrive when it arrives
Rennfaire 11 hours ago
I am loving Geeky Holidays. Celebrate all of it. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza Happy everything. I don't get offended when someone wishes me a Happy Day. This Design is off the charts GREAT!!!!!
schiiism 12 hours ago
I know it's been said before, but... considering the long production time for most shirts (all of mine have taken over a month), it doesn't make sense to be selling Christmas designs in December.
Rennfaire 11 hours ago
Bah Humbug!

BoardGameBrawl 9 hours ago
Agreed. They should be selling Valentine's Day and Easter shirts now. Just enough lead time.
Maritza Pinzon 7 hours ago
Really? So if I placed my order yesterday it won't arrive before New Year?
Elliott Selman 3 hours ago
Unless if they're doing something different, that is correct. 
thrashingale 7 hours ago
I dunno, I've always gotten my tees within 10 - 14 days. There was only ever one time where it took longer than usual. I'm always surprised to hear so many people complaining about their orders..
Raveynfyre 6 hours ago
GR8SCOTT Ordered on 11/5/15 still hasn't arrived at my door. Now they did say the shirt had to be reprinted because the quality was off. Of course the shipping info isn't updating like the problem they had in October, so I'm sure it's an issue again.
Jill James 5 hours ago
Careful, I used to say the same thing. Now I'm waiting on a shirt I ordered October 11th... That they "accidentally" told me had shipped on 10/23. 
Elliott Selman 3 hours ago
I've made at least a dozen orders, and it always takes a month. 
tortugaviejo 5 hours ago
I've been saying this for most of the year- they've at least gotten better about releasing these designs [on the site] weeks in advance so that people within a 2 mile radius from the printing place will get theirs.
Hello, my name is Dan less than 1 minute ago
I'm from Pennsylvania.  Teefury's HQ is in California (where I assume the rest of their business in located).  I've never waited more than 3 weeks for a shirt and that was a custom print of an old gallery shirt.  Shirt of the day tend to arrive in 2 weeks.  I've never really had a problem with them, and their customer service is really quick to get back to me when I had a problem.  They do a good job to get us shirts as soon as possible.
rowan555 2 hours ago
My last two shirt orders took over a month.  You are absolutely correct.
erika325 1 hours ago
True.  My first order only took just less than 2 weeks to arrive.  My current order from 11/12/15 is still processing.  Hopefully I'll get it before Christmas! 
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