• One of a Kind Unit
    One of a Kind Unit

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    I often wonder what these best bros would do on their days off. Sing songs and explore the stars together? I like to think so.

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    One of a Kind Unit

  • Stardate 1966
    Stardate 1966

    Stardate 1966

Christopher Cornette 2 hours ago
I have to agree, Stargate 1966 would be MUCH better with the original NCC-1701.  
kengargis 8 hours ago
Sorry, but that doesn't even look remotely like Poe Dameron. It does look EXACTLY like Reverend Tim Tom from the TV show "The Middle" though. I guess for Sue Heck that ones an "instabuy"!!!
jimdrob 9 hours ago
I love the Stardate 1966 design but wish it was actually the 1966 original Enterprise and not the re-imagined JJ-prise. This doesn't make sense.
Raveynfyre 14 hours ago
"One of a Kind Unit" brings to mind a Frozen nod, as Christoph sings a song with those words to Sven (the reindeer) while strumming a guitar-like object.
StudyBudy 15 hours ago
If Stardate 1966 actually had that written on it it would be an instabuy.  Because Star Trek and the year I was born all in one go.  :-)
bizarra 10 hours ago
Same here! I love the design, but would LOVE to have the date stamp on it as well.  Awesome things debuted the same year we did!
jammer2isme 19 hours ago
Stardate 1966 desperately needs to be on a Mission Patch design on the arm or right chest...
Charles Flowers 19 hours ago
I would get "One of a kind Unit" in Black, but there is no option for Color. :(
Skulltula 13 hours ago
There is now.
Nykidxxx 9 hours ago
I think they cant do black because the artists uses a lot of black shadowing like EVERYWHERE.
GMaybee 20 hours ago
Really like the design for Stardate 1966
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