• Delivery Service
    Delivery Service

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    A stylistic logo and branding for everyone's favourite delivery service.

    Delivery Service

    by owlhaus

  • HEY! LISTEN! I'm Not Tink!
    HEY! LISTEN! I'm Not Tink!

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    ... because I always thought that Tinkerbell and Navi are so "similar", so.. why not?

    HEY! LISTEN! I'm Not Tink!

    by MortinfamiART

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benjover less than 1 minute ago
OMG! The shadow of Link is going to kill Wendy!
Cody less than 1 minute ago
Huh. My first thought when I loaded up the new page was that my browser didn't load the page properly. Not really a big fan of the new design, everything just feels really cramped.
blebail less than 1 minute ago
Love the comments - always people moaning about something.
cat0claws less than 1 minute ago
This is terrible! They got rid of the favorites options, now I'd have to find the shirts that I was saving for and hoping to get again, and there is no way to have the site keep track of them for me. Don't like the new site at all. If you want to change things, fine, but don't downgrade the site and remove features, that's simply not smart.
Alleykatden 3 hours ago
New site design looks like a mobile site being displayed on a regular desktop.
charles_r_cox 2 hours ago
I concur. 
Ithilien 4 hours ago
I've always been curious: why is there no difference between womens and youths sizing? I'm 5'3" and 130 lbs yet I have to get an XL in womens, and then its way too long. I find that very strange because I usually wear a S or occasionally a M.
black_cat218 5 hours ago
put it back the way it was. Yuck
midorichilde 3 hours ago
I don't like it because you can't click on the model photos and blow them up. Super annoying.
MechaDragon 5 hours ago
ergh, not feeling the new site design, too much going on ...
IceHedge 3 hours ago
But it has big square links with an overly white background.  The squares are trendy and the white doesn't hurt your eyes at all on a 1080p monitor, right?
(God I can't wait until this stupid trend is over with!)
MissAme 5 hours ago
the kiki shirt is SO CUTE. Also dang guys this site looks great!
ericpelbois 5 hours ago
Great new site design. Congrats
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