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They're for Touching
by TrulyEpic 
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Chica Hamburguesa
by Italiux 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.07

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They're for Touching
Chica Hamburguesa

Battle stats

They're for Touching
Chica Hamburguesa
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Cambrey 1 hours ago
No clue what they are, but the "Kimmy's" looks cool.
irishcookie 2 hours ago
Ah yeah! Love Kimmy Schimdt.  I hope to see more designs around that show.  This is one is not really my taste but it's nice to see the series get some love! 
puninsher 2 hours ago
the shirts are cool, but i cant understand how something as unfunny as bobs burgers gets so much love

Gail Flynn 1 hours ago
Welcome to planet Earth, where a lot of people who aren't exactly like you exist.

puninsher less than 1 minute ago
oh, sorry, did me thinking something is not that funny offend you? 
sirjoshwood less than 1 minute ago
No I think saying it on a forum is just weird, like why did you take the time to tell us how you feel about bob's burgers?
VileVaVa 3 hours ago
no idea what these shirts are about

jeffreydavid 4 hours ago
Gimme a Peeno Noir shirt, and I won't be able to stop myself from instabuying
kayteewoo 3 hours ago
That's gonna be uhhh you know uhhhh fascinating transition
RynoArts 5 hours ago
Kimmy... from Full HOuse?
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Kimmy Scmidt! This design is inspired by the Netflix original series "Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt."
thomas_kari 5 hours ago
Look at those scream lines. 
StarWallace 6 hours ago
That kimmy is the clown of nightmares... yikes...
ROBOrob77 7 hours ago
Nice designs, but not for me.
Muffincannon 8 hours ago
They alive, dammit