Today's Deal Ends In
Study of Change
by DJKopet 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.14
Trust No One
by CoD Designs 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.14

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Study of Change
Trust No One

Battle stats

Study of Change
Trust No One
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Batsugame less than 1 minute ago
X-Files would have been awesome in a dark green.
IOIM 5 hours ago
Hey everyone! Come join us on Facebook at Teefury Grab Bag Swap and swap your new/old shirts!!
Hell_Oh17 5 hours ago
Both amazing designs! Love them! Congrats to the artists! :-)
Kazters 5 hours ago
Got x files one but please make tshirts that arnt grey or black or navy
Kibbonafide 3 hours ago
Teefury has a great article on their blog explaining why exactly so many designs are offered in those colors...turns out it has more to do with the design the artist submits than Teefury arbitrarily selecting colors.
SkywardLight less than 1 minute ago
You literally just listed all of the colors that go with that design. IT WOULDN'T LOOK GOOD ANY OTHER COLORS. Deal with it.
Helloalannah 6 hours ago
Got the x-files one in navy! Gearing up for the revival. ^_^
KLLorn419 6 hours ago
Instabuy for Break Bad!! The X-Files shirt looks great but I have issues with the text... they appear to be the thoughts of each character but the thoughts are swopped... if I'm missing something, I apologize in advance and please explain it to me.
CoD Designs 7 hours ago
Thank you for all the wonderful comments!! Follow me to find out what I'm working on next... and you could even tell me what to work on next :)
Tim Jordan 8 hours ago
BB is awesome..;;;

TeeFury Staff 7 hours ago
We love it too!
mwilliams10 9 hours ago
Ahh! The X-Files tee is an instabuy for me! More X-Files tees, please. We all have to get ready for next year's revival. ;)
TeeFury Staff 7 hours ago
We hear you! Be sure to tell your favorite artist!
JanderVK 9 hours ago
Gotta love a shirt with the chemical compound of meth on it! :P (Well, not really. That's actually the compound for Sabcomeline for treating alzheimers lol, not methamphetamine. What's the deal artist? :P).  Anyway, I dig the 80's art.
TeeFury Staff 7 hours ago
We might just have to call you smarty pants :)
rbuchko 7 hours ago
I looked it up, the shirt shows the correct formula for meth, C10H15N. The formula for Sabcomeline is C10H15N3O.