I'm Loving It
by ZombieDollars
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.09
$ $20.00
I'm Loving It
I'm Loving It
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James Paterson 30 days ago
couldn't have had this at 15 bucks for the collection sales huh....samuel is right about the kerning!
Samuel Pfannkuche 30 days ago
:( that kerning on the apostrophe is god awful, it's completely jammed against the "I". I would've bought it otherwise.
ZombieDollars 29 days ago
Sorted!  That was an old version, TF are now running the updated 2015 version.
Giancarlo Quattrociocchi 10 months ago
Any news on this item?  I agree with soulamis! 
Steve Picry More than 1 year ago
PLEASE bring this back!!!!!!!!
soulamiss More than 1 year ago
Put it in yellow again!!!
daabido More than 1 year ago
Should have been "I'm losing it!"