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The Last Planeteer


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I would really love to get this shirt! It's really an awesome design! :D -


  • Diush said 38 weeks ago

    I am still so sad that I did not know about this site when this was on sale, would love to buy it.
  • AkiraNamejin said 32 weeks ago

    Please bring it back!!!!!
  • TekkNick said 32 weeks ago

    Please bring this back!!!
  • stephseoul said 27 weeks ago

    I want to buy twoo!!!! I need this shirt~~
  • amnsje said 25 weeks ago

    I definitely need this shirt!!!!
  • LesMMess said 24 weeks ago

    LOVE THIS SHIRT.... This shirt is the reason I follow TeeFury everyday. I am so happy that the day this shirt was on sell someone told me about this website and I was able to buy this shirt.
  • novodevichy said 24 weeks ago

    I am terribly upset that I didn't know about this site when this t was for sale. I know I wouldn't be the only one pleased if this were to be brought back.
  • tishjenk said 24 weeks ago

    Really want this one!!!
  • DaicaP said 23 weeks ago

    So sad I missed this shirt! Would love to have the chance to purchase it!
  • mkmatt19 said 22 weeks ago

    PLEASE bring this design back!!! I made an account just to vote to bring this back :P
  • suisyo said 22 weeks ago

    I would buy this in a heartbeat! I saw a preview of this shirt on the side panel and have been going crazy trying to find it in the gallery, only to find it's out of print! >.
  • suisyo said 22 weeks ago

    This is probably one of the best MashedPotatoes I've ever seen. I grew up watching Captain Planet and I'm a huge Avatar:TLAB fan, so this speaks to my heart!
  • suisyo said 22 weeks ago

    lmao that's supposed to say mash ups XD
  • Karila said 21 weeks ago

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    I did not know about this site when this was on sale u_u
    I really want it! Please bring this design back!
  • gaanwinkelen said 1 week ago

    Please make this available again :) :) :)