• Truly Limited Edition - Only Available Today, Never to be Sold Again!
  • Truly Limited Edition - Only Available Today, Never to be Sold Again!
    Wrapped Up In The Holidays
    Wrapped Up In The Holidays

    Wrapped Up In The Holidays

Jason Hensley 2 hours ago
I am concerned about my order I placed well before Halloween and have not received it yet. I can't seem to get a response from any other message I have sent. Please reply 
Emma Yeo 3 hours ago
Tried to order and it won't let my order process :/
Ratagass 5 hours ago
Would be good to get it by Christmas or I better find something else.
becky6624 6 hours ago
I am not allowed to buy more shirts... until we get more storage, but these two shirts are killing me.  Wonderful designs!  
KVilleTee 7 hours ago
Oh good.  A Christmas theme tee that will arrive in January.  i'd love to get the alice tee for my daughter but it won't arrive in Canada anytime soon.  Still waiting for Nov 12 tees to even be shipped!  
Silksmonkey 7 hours ago
Just got my shipping refunded on the 3 pieces I ordered at the end of October, still not shirts... womp womp. 
Eanor 7 hours ago
That Alice design is very well done. I'm not as much a fan of Disney Alice; this might be the exception!

CapitanaPat 11 hours ago
Black Friday discount code is still not working ):
Mynci_Boi 11 hours ago
I second that.
Mynci_Boi 11 hours ago
Message is coupon is not valid
DarkThanatos20 10 hours ago
It's because it's the Daily Tee
CapitanaPat 10 hours ago
No, the ones I'm trying to buy are gallery tees, not the daily tee.
meliaf 6 hours ago
Works now... on the whole cart.
JussMess 2 hours ago
Lol not anymore... ;)
(Gave away that bonus didn't ya?)
TeeFury Staff 6 hours ago
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We're having our tech support team work on getting this fixed right away!
Jarad Armitage 12 hours ago
Incredible design. Well done.
Prystauk 15 hours ago
The Alice design is fantastic, Sho Murase!
Dsmooth321 16 hours ago
Fully expected a grab bag deal for Black Friday. Disappointing. 20% off other tees isn't much considering how overpriced the gallery tees have become.
TeeFury Staff 16 hours ago
Sorry about that Dsmooth321! Be looking for a Grab Bag sale in December! 
Mark Chmielowiec 16 hours ago
Wait until Cyber Monday!
Dirtbox 15 hours ago
Agree.  Still not sure about why the gallery tees cost more to make than the daily.
heavyhands 15 hours ago
because the daily gets made in a bulk order, gallery are made to order as purchased.

nagromsb 9 hours ago
I wish they'd cut the number of gallery t's then, go back to where there was a more limited quantity with better prices.
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