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  • Halloween Monsters
    Halloween Monsters

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    I love Halloween, horror and monsters, so this was for the fun of incorporating all the most iconic creatures: vampire, zombie, witch, skeleton, mummy, devil, grim reaper, evil clown, werewolf, etc...

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    Halloween Monsters

  • Pixie Dust
    Pixie Dust

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    So at first I thought on how to say something about this character and how to address her creative and tinkerer side as most people only knows her as the “dust fairy” or Pan’s sidekick. Thus the general composition was born on top of this idea. Also I always thought of her as a tiny ballerina so I incorporated that in my design as well. A tiny fairy dancing to the light of an idea.

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    Pixie Dust

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Vixie 1 hours ago
Is the Halloween shirt just a generic set of characters, or is it based off of anything in particular?
bely2142 4 hours ago
I just want to point out to all the people that tend to come on here and whine and gripe... they released this shirt well ahead of Halloween so you can order it AND have it by Halloween. This is a good company that cares about its customers. They listen. So stop acting like douches toward them. 
Adam Munster 3 hours ago
True, but also depends on what part of the continent you live in. I live in Winnipeg and it usually takes 5 weeks for a shirt to get delivered. I ordered 8 shirts in the last 3 years off this site and only once i got my order in less than a month.
awwunicorns 2 hours ago
Agreed. I live in the States & it takes no less than a month to get to me.
HrabecTom 9 hours ago
love the color choice for pixie dust tee. wish there were more choices for other designs. halloween one is great and as already said kudos for offering this weeks before so it will acutally arrive in time.
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
Yay! Tag us if you post any pictures so we can see how awesome the shirt looks in person!
Loki_Lady 10 hours ago
Is the shape behind Tink supposed to look like anything in particular? Mostly it looks like a lightbulb to me, which is kind of silly.
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
We think Tink would prefer the shape to be left to your imagination! After all, your imagination has no limits!
May Dubio 11 hours ago
Love the Halloween monster shirt! Just saw Monster Squad the other day lol.
TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
Great timing!
tortugaviejo 14 hours ago
Woah, a holiday shirt released weeks before the holiday and not days before! That means it'll make it in time, unlike last year!
TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
You can expect holiday shirts all month long, tortugaviejo!
Notthedoctor 19 hours ago
Love the tink design! (Wont be buying though, as I'm perpetually broke lol)
Smittywerbermanjensen 20 hours ago
Halloween Monsters is like looking at years worth of childhood Halloweens spun onto a piece of fabric. Wonderful

TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
So much nostalgia!
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