Mermaid Wars
by tombancroft 
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Mermaid Wars
Mermaid Wars
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    This design combines to films that are near and dear to my heart. Strangely enough, a female main character works in both!

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    Tom Bancroft

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Mermaid Wars
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jinkeys26 1 hours ago
Great mashup! Nice work :)
Ken Tarleton 3 hours ago
Reminds me of....
Ryukaicomix 4 hours ago
Nice illustration but sadly not a fan of slave leia 
pmnunley 4 hours ago
Excellent mashup.  While I can't see me wearing the shirt, I very much appreciate the creativity and artwork in this.  Kudos. Very well done!
IceHedge 5 hours ago
This is a neat concept but I just really dislike braids.  Not for me.
leiasolo 5 hours ago
must buy for me OBVIOUSLY!!!!
Leeef 5 hours ago
flounder and the seagull bots crack me up too much to actually buy this.

mmont935 6 hours ago
Little Mermaid +  Star Wars = me, 11 bucks lighter. Amazing shirt!!! Still deciding between black or navy...
Isla 6 hours ago
Awesome job on this what a cool design!
Isla 6 hours ago
Also as a guy who has worked for Disney you have the full right to animate anything disney related! Whoa!
adiestel2000 8 hours ago
Tom Bancroft?! I mean Tom Bancroft...? Anyone?! If anyone in this world has the freaking right to make a mashup like this it's him. Man I didn't really plan to buy one but I'm seriously tempted now... hm. (I met you at CTN last year btw. so Animator-Highfive!)