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I'm Jamie, 31 and live in Manchester, UK. I was introduced to this site in early January 2013 by my Potter Pal and fellow Red (United that is) Olga via Twitter.

I love Doctor Who, BTTF, Harry Potter (I'm a Ravenclaw), Neil Gaiman books/comics, The Walking Dead (esp the comic), HIMYM, graphic novels like Kick Ass, Scott Pilgrim and American Vampire, Being Human, Family Guy, 80s cartoons/shows as well as some early 90s stuff too, alternative and rock music, bands like: Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden et al.

I tweet a lot and have started blogging again, reviewing New Who from 'Rose' up to present day, although I'm stuck on series 2 at the mo as I feel obliged to review each story rather than plough through them all in one big marathon (as much as it pains me not to do!).

I'm a musician in my spare time and would love to start drawing again (would be awesome to design a tee one day!), pretty much gave up after my 3rd year of high school as I got a C which I thought wasn't good enough (yeah I'm too hard on myself I know). Looking back on it though it serves as a good life lesson, follow the things you love doing rather than something you think will bring wealth (I bombed in my other GCSE options IT and Electronics).

Looking forward to seeing designs of shows I love. Really want a BTTF and HIMYM shirt. Would also be cool to see some Gaiman inspired art, maybe The Sandman? Or even a Scott Pilgrim shirt? After all there's some great 90s references in the artwork of those books.

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