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Used to be a real life small town radio DJ, now I railroad (the Yellow and Blue freight one). Enjoy seeing the wonders at TeeFury, if only I could bear to part with some of my older tshirts (like the Bulls 3peat shirt, circa 1993) to make room for the great designs that show up here regularly. I'm a sucker for Cthulhu and have eight (is it true?) in this genre and can't wait for the next amazing one to crowd my dresser. Beyond that, I've become a bit of a tough sell, I see a lot I like but fifteen or so TeeFury shirts later and I have to see a shirt and then mull it over for quite a while. And I'm sorry to say to all the great artists and creators, I enjoy far, far more shirts than I buy, and would gladly buy affordable stickers with your artwork on them as I have more flat surfaces to decorate :)

Big regret, missing H and C!, hit me up if you've got one in Men's XL...same user name at gmail.

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