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Sundry Facts and Oddities:

  • #503: I think Christmas tastes and smells like baked apples and cinnamoned coffee
  • #477a: I adore mixed race babies. I think they are the most beautiful and would consider adopting a mixed-raced child before other ethnicities.
  • #477b: I’m 100% Caucasian
  • #836a: I utterly detest the texture of Jello. I assume it’s something to do with the transparency of the substance as I am fine with similar texture opaque deserts, like custards and flans, and even favor them.
  • #836b: That may or may not have something to do with watching the jelly/probe scene in Fire in the Sky at an extremely impressionable young age.
  • #837: Related note one: I don’t like jelly. Jam or preserves with actual fruit bits is fine. There’s something disconcerting about eating isolated congealed fruit juice.
  • #839: Related note two: As a child, I was terrified of two things, aliens and helicopters. Even being born in 1985, the decade of the friendly aliens (ET, meebo, gremlins) I could not fucking handle it. I was convinced at five I was being surveiled at night and my brains were up for grabs the minute I shut my eyes. The only motivation for this seems to be seeing an ancient 80’s sci-fi “documentary” on what is now the CW, back before it was UPN and just a black pit of Elvira’s horror movie hour and other weird shit you only find on the outliers of VHF television. As for the helicopters, that is my earliest known fear. I have no explanation for why, except perhaps I was a Saigon refugee in my last life? What I do know is that on at least three separate occasions before the age of 7, I came to a dead stop in public and started huddling and shaking looking for the nearest cover and causing a scene in the super market parking lot if I heard one. this passed by the age of 10.
  • #983: I collect antique theatre and drama books. I have about 20 in my collection. My oldest is a Horace in Latin that predates the American Revolution. Its animal skin binding is falling apart and I cant read a word of it, but it’s probably my favorite.
  • #375: I exclusively wear black socks.
  • #624: I have an affinity for koala bears.
  • #932: I once tried to be a vegetarian when I was seven because I saw Lisa Simpson do it.
  • #221b: My text tone is currently the Irene Adler *uhhh* orgasm. I’m awaiting the day it goes off inappropriately.
  • #333: I’ve been told I text with a British accent on more than one occasion.
  • #58: I tend to associate Andes Mints and death. This is because when I was inevitably dragged to the funeral of a an extended family member or friend as a child, the funeral homes always seemed to have small bowls of Andes Mints.

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