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Electric Dance Sweater


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Gargamel -


  • sberb said 285 weeks ago

    Gargamel!! der.
  • brycedriesenga said 285 weeks ago

    Haha, very nice. I like it.
  • roboroller said 285 weeks ago

    would look AMAZING as an actual sweater, looses something in the translation to a t-shirt though.
  • RedHeadedGoddess said 285 weeks ago

    Maybe if it looked like stitches, it would have been better. This looks kinda dull. Sorry, to the artist, but that's how I feel.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 285 weeks ago

    Beautiful design, beautiful colors. Great shirt!
  • porschefreak707 said 285 weeks ago

  • YutFree said 285 weeks ago

    My wallet thanks you for posting this one today. :)
  • drsilverworm said 285 weeks ago

    Hot Chip is awesome! I just happened to borrow their album from my friend about an hour ago, that was the first time I have ever even heard of them. What a crazy coincidence that that is the inspiration for this shirt
  • Arrow said 285 weeks ago

    haha der.

    Nice design!
  • slowave said 285 weeks ago

  • slowave said 285 weeks ago

  • slowave said 285 weeks ago

  • necrophyte said 285 weeks ago

    Halloween tee please. Nu, too late for that.
  • wotto said 285 weeks ago

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    This is too cool for an old man like me to wear.

    Awesome design, great use of one colour.
  • twirling around said 284 weeks ago

    pretty cool!!
  • robinzeggblu said 284 weeks ago

    awesome color, nice concept, but it's not for me. :)
  • kypswei said 284 weeks ago

    Oh oh oh! Love it! Gee, if it weren't for what all happened yesterday, I'd probably get it. This makes me sad as this is probably true for a number of people. Genius design though!
  • astnrocker said 284 weeks ago

    Nice design. LMAO about the shark with legs.
  • KFresh Ta Death said 284 weeks ago

  • sheyrakelley said 284 weeks ago

    I like the patterns all stacked like this. Nice concept!
  • rahmer81 said 284 weeks ago

  • tigru said 284 weeks ago

    I hope this is not the shirt they sell when i find out that my life is over. Wish me luck.
  • digitalnicotine said 284 weeks ago

    Good luck, tigru! Nice shirt.
  • spastasticnomadic said 284 weeks ago

    This would result in too many flashbacks of my mother trying to fight to dress me in those itchy holiday sweaters as a wee girl. Which would then just conclude with me ripping this off and running around naked like I did back then. For the sake of my neighbours, I'll have to pass.

    Congrats on the print.
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