I just submitted my very first teefury design - my friends have seen it, but I want to post it to my deviantart, facebook page, blog, etc.

Is it okay to post it on other sites while waiting to see if Teefury is interested in it? Obviously it's work that I made, so I have ownership of the design, but maybe I'm thinking too much and worrying for nothing?

I'm assuming posting it on other places online will not have any negative affects on Teefury's decision on the design, right?

Any info is appreciated : )

Thanks guys!

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    70 weeks ago
    Hi there,

    I can't say for sure, but I imagine that Teefury would have no issues about you sharing your designs around on t'interwebs.

    Anything that might get the design out there would probably be a little beneficial for them if they did actually print it.

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