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rss 81 weeks ago

I often order t-shirts from teefury (especially during the grab-bags). However, I live in Poland (Europe), but I also have got a family living in the US. When I order items from eBay/amazon, I use the address of my US-living family as a shipping address and my address in Poland as a billing one. However, I can't do such thing on teefury: I always have to choose United States as my billing country (because my shipping country is the USA) and type a fake address, because Teefury won't let me choose Poland as my billing country. Because of this I can't use my credit card (billing address won't match the address on my CC), I can only pay by PayPal (which is more expensive for me).

So here's the deal. Is it possible that you could unlock the possibility to have a different billing and shipping country? I know that you may think that some people may use stolen credit cards, etc, but in my case I've already ordered probably more than 100 T-shirts this year. Also, sorry, but I'm not going to provide my shipping address in Poland, because shipping cost to Poland is really expensive (and my family in the USA redirects packages for free :)) and I'll also have to pay VAT and other fees.

Oh, and sorry for my bad English.

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    28 weeks ago
    I have exactly the same problem.

    I'm temporarily living in South Korea with plans to return to Canada next year. I ordered a second shirt today to send to Korea while my billing info is for Canada.

    The only thing that "allows" the transaction to go through is if I change the country on my billing info - I leave everything else the same.

    It's kind of silly we don't have the option to choose but Teefury isn't the only company that's done this to me. I had an order to Canada, with my Canadian CC and Canadian address CANCELLED post purchase because the company detected an IP originating in Korea. Sigh.

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