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rss 87 weeks ago
Here is an NES-Styled Gravity Falls design:

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    87 weeks ago
    I am getting to really like this style of shirt. It looks great, but have you thought about drawing it like the actual cartridge. I think that adds to the design, but I like it either way.
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    86 weeks ago
    Pretty good! But if you're going for authentic 8bit art, then that black line wouldn't be around the his nose to define it. Especially if you're mimicking the earlier NES mario box art.
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    85 weeks ago
    I'm all about a Gravity Falls shirt. And I like where you're going with this. Here are some suggestions:

    - You need a background behind Dipper. The Mystery Shack or something from the show (pixelated of course). And absolutely don't have the thin black line there.
    - Mabel needs to be added in there I think, because the show is all about the two of them as twins.

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