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rss 93 weeks ago
Just wondering if we are still allowed to post shirts for trade in the forum or not?
I have a zombie walk ( and a lighthouse lounge ( in XL to trade for something.

If this is against the forum posting rules, I sincerely apologize. Would an admin please let me know about this.

  • image zipper
    93 weeks ago
    There is an official trade forum post. It seems to have slipped to the second page. So, you're ok, but you may have better luck on that previous post.
  • image
    93 weeks ago
    Are you looking for Men's or Women's XL? I have a couple of new/unworn WXL to trade. Please email me at: [email protected] Thanks!
  • image
    92 weeks ago
    Hey Peggy. I am actually looking for Mens XL. Sorry.

    Admin- thanks for the update. I will post it in that thread.

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