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rss 112 weeks ago

All these shirts are Mens XL, never worn, still folded.

I have:

I'm interested in:
*Game of Ice and Fire
*Ride the Falcon
*Theatre of Rebellion
*Bluth Crest
Peace in Space
Slice of Life
World of NiCraft
I can Haz Force
Frakkin Awfull
Unforgettable Walk

For the ones with an * I am willing to add $5 to the trade.
I'd like Mens Large or XL, doesn't have to be new - I'll take a used shirt!

email me:
mcduckling at earthlink dot net

Other offers considered, but I would REALLY like to get some of the ones on my wish list.

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    112 weeks ago
    I have a couple I'd be willing to trade but I don't have any of the ones you are looking for. Let me know if you are interested anyway, I'd love that Peach shirt.
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    111 weeks ago
    I don't have any of the ones you're looking for. What I do have are:

    If you're interested, I would love to trade one or both for "Mudders Milk" or "Shiny"
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    111 weeks ago
    I sent you an email yesterday.
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    107 weeks ago
    Do you still have the Hogwarts Mail and Abe Lincoln tees?
    Tees I have to trade
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    107 weeks ago
    Do you still have Mudder's Milk? email me [email protected]

    I have Machine of Madness in MXL/unworn/unwashed. I'd also be willing to either buy you a future trade or pay cash.

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