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rss 132 weeks ago
Hi all! If anyone has any of these tees in a Women's Large (or maybe Medium), or in a Men's Small, please please email me at [email protected]

I would be happy to buy them from you or trade for some of mine! I am in London, UK but will obviously cover the shipping costs :) Thank you! (I would consider ones that have been worn once or twice but are still in excellent condition!)

Mad Man

House Pride (Harry Potter Slytherin crest)

Abbercrombie and Quidditch

Baggins Pawn Shop

Appetite For Eternia

Death By Cuteness

Destroy All Humans

Ode to the Wild Things

Nimbus Broom Company

I have for trade:

Linus WL

Horribly Evil ML

Game of Thrones ML (a family crest design - apparently now rare as no longer on the site)

Tet Corp WM

Job Security WL

Duck n cover WL

Drink Nuka WL

I also have the following:

Battlestar / Muppets crossover WL

Stargate/Who crossover WL

But I will only trade these two for very specific shirts as above, sorry! :-)

Thanks :))

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    132 weeks ago
    I have women's mediums if you're willing to trade for those. I think they're similar to mens small size-wise.

    What I've got (all in WM):
    Kessel Fun Run
    Hey Mister Mister
    Brute Squad
    LaurAtlas Peahardy
    Biff's Auto Detailing

    Email me at slaymaster.general [at] with any offers

    Oh and I'm in Australia if that changes anything.
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    132 weeks ago
    Hey there,

    Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately I already have two of those and I'm not too keen on the others, sorry! I have a friend looking for WM though so I will tell her about this post :)

    Thanks anyway :)
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    132 weeks ago
    I would love to trade any of the following for Horribly Evil ML
    MXXL - Let's GoBias some Coffee
    MM - Three Mice Cheese
    I think this is a MS/MM - Destroy All Humans
    MS - Let's GoBias some coffee
    (email) inoelpenn(at)gmail(dot)com

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