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rss 135 weeks ago
I have these new, just out of the bag, to trade in WM:

T-Rex Diet:

Brute Squad:

Graff Droid:

New to Trade in WL:
Teen Wook

Contact: scandal_in_bohemia at or comment here

I am mostly looking for these, in WM but feel free to offer what you have in WM or WL

Tyler Durden for President:

Dire Brew:

Sonic Vortex:


Scotty's Starship Repair:

Time for Science:

Game of Crossbones:



Our Lady of Sunnydale:

Money Swim:

Potter & Nimbus Brooms:

Quidditch House OUtfitters:

Detective Lebowski:

Masters of Death:

The Nouveau Generation

Watcher Field Agent:

Eleven Doctors:

Petty Morality:

Hope to trade with you soon! It worked out great for me last round.

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    135 weeks ago
    I just got my grab bag too, and unfortunately it looks like I don't have anything you want, but I wanted to let you know that there's an "official" thread for WM trades here:

    You might want to look there and see if you can connect with anyone for trading. :)

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