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rss 140 weeks ago
I just put together this shirt based on the web comic "Homestuck," and it is kind of an inside joke type of shirt (to anyone that reads Homestuck). I don't know how well this will go over or if anybody's interested, so just leave helpful comments below! Thanks!!

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    139 weeks ago
    i think obscure references are awesome, but there is a line that, once crossed, leads into oblivion. i think this might cross that line. remember, you have to have a big enough audience for your shirt. lets say 10 million like the show LOST. maybe a small fraction of those people would buy a LOST shirt... say 100,000. of those people, how many know about TF? maybe 8,000. of those people, how many check TF to see if a LOST shirt is up for sale on any given day? maybe 3000. how many of those people like the design? maybe 2000. of those people, how many buy the shirt? maybe 1500. So what if you are designing a shirt for a fan base of only a small fraction of what LOST has? you have cut your buyers down to nil. Regardless of whether or not you have a good design, TF can't pick it up. try expanding your audience to have a better shot! as it is, pretty much no one can provide you feedback because no one knows the reference.
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    59 weeks ago
    I would so totally buy this. I mean, yeah, dakin_costello is right, but I know a few people that would definitely buy this. And hell, what would this world be without obscure references?

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