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I posted this design a few weeks ago and got some suggestions, and this is the improved design. I'm looking for any feedback available.

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    148 weeks ago
    It just doesn't have the level of polish that I would expect to see on a TeeFury t-shirt. The "e" looks sloppy, the text needs to be more crisp and distinct and while the ship is looking better, it's not there yet. The angle of the saucer seems different than that of the rest of the ship.

    I will say, though, the back end looks pretty good. The saucer looks kinda bland. I think more detail is needed. Otherwise, you could make it really simple, but it will need to be "stylized" (if that makes any sense).
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    148 weeks ago
    The lights on the saucer section should be radial, as if they emanate fron a central point. It's like my uncle Frank got the contract to build the Enterprise 'D'!

    Look for tutorials for generating radial patterns using something like Inkscape. Then save as a PNG, import that spoked pattern into GIMP over your saucer (both with the same center) and create a Layer that you will trash later. Make some concentric ovals and color the ovals in areas you don't want the lights to be, in that disposable Layer which is acting like painter's tape.

    Select those ovals, then select the radial spokes Layer and press delete. What should be left are lights that follow the curve of the saucer section. You can then delete the 'painter's tape' Layer.

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