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rss 160 weeks ago
i have 3 mens large never washed never worn shirts for trade. i will consider all offers that are mens larges.

i have
1. classic cereal confrontation
2. starwalk
3. mario md
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    160 weeks ago
    In Mens Large I have:

    All Hail 81atron
    LOLcat Taxanomy

    willing to trade one of them for Starwalk :)

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    160 weeks ago
    OMG!!!!! I want Mario MD!!!

    I have a mens' L "We Are Family" (Star Wars) shirt I could give you for it!!! It's new in package! Please say yes! PLEASE!!!

    (I know, it's shameless, the way I grovel! X^D)
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    160 weeks ago
    i am kinda digging that we are family shirt, but im gonna make a new post and i'll let you know

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