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rss 287 weeks ago
So yesterday's shirt sparked quite the debate here on TeeFury about whether people should be supporting an artist for breaking contract with another site.

I see where the designers who were upset are coming from. I really can. However, some of them were really harsh by calling the consumers of this site "childish" for purchasing the shirt.

They felt that we (the consumer, tshirt wearer, people who pay hard earned dollars on their designs and art) were acting "childish" for not caring about contracts being broke...

Here's my note to you designers...

Don't poop where you eat. You're calling the people who put money in your pockets for your rent, food, livelihood as it may be, whatever. We're the ones that wear your art on our chests and give you props on your artwork. I love these tshirt contest sites that I can actually wear something made by someone I can actually talk to and relate to. It's awesome... But it's REALLY disconcerting to read what some of you have to say about other artists.

Next time you feel the need to call an artist out, or a site out, perhaps you should do it behind the scenes... so that you don't look like such a jack-ass. I know that due to yesterdays display, regardless of liking any of your designs, I will go out of my NOT to purchase it.

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