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rss 174 weeks ago
There needs to be a search engine for the gallery. Because I keep wanting to search for shirts that are months old and it takes awhile to go page by page.
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    174 weeks ago
    I second that motion. If not a search, then a filter will do fine as well. So you can filter by subject, date, alphabetical, artist, etc.
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    174 weeks ago
    I third this motion. =D
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    174 weeks ago
    I fourth this motion. :)
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    174 weeks ago
    In just under 24 hours we have already gotten a whole 4 people to petition to add a search engine. TeeFury if you don't add a search engine you are going to have 4 unhappy customers.
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    171 weeks ago
    Ok I fifth this motion ^_^

    Seriously, a search engine would be a great add to this site.
    Search by artist, name of t shirt, dates...and so on.

    So many thanks by advance ;)
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    168 weeks ago
    Improve your google-foo.


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    167 weeks ago
    I 7th this motion! it sure would make it alot easier!
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    156 weeks ago
    i completely agree!

    as well, i would request the ability to sort the "gallery" with filters like:

    - most sold / popular
    - popular / hot tee's only

    and i would like to request the ability to display "all", "50", "25", etc. tee's per page.

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    5 weeks ago
    There's one there now, however it only searches words in the title of the artwork on the shirt.
    You need to add keywords to all the items that reflect the show/movie/game/pop-reference that they pertain to. For example if I search for Game of Thrones or Firefly, no results show, even though I know there are at least a dozen shirts that pertain to both of those. If a shirt references multiple icons, (like a game and movie together) make sure both are listed as keywords. This would be VERY helpful, since as of now the search function only works for the actual titles of the artwork.

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