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rss 183 weeks ago
Ok so
I have two shirts from the Grab Bag that I would like to trade. One is the "Cloned To Kill" shirt (I already have one of these)
and the other is the "I LOVE" shirt (I'm not a huge fan of white shirts)

Both are in large. As I said before, I would like to trade these shirts away. I'm open to any/all offers, the only request I have is that the shirts not be white. Shipping US only please.
Post your offers below, or send me an email. [email protected] with the subject "Teefury Trade"
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    183 weeks ago
    Hey, i've got fang bangin and why so serious that i'll trade for either of these, or both if your down
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    183 weeks ago
    I'll trade a "K-Astro" or "I'm the Dude, Man" for your "Cloned to Kill."
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    182 weeks ago
    I've got Major League Zombie, Imagination and Time To Hide. I'd trade any one of those for Cloned to Kill.

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