The Tiger and the Dragon
by MeganLara 
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$ $20.00
The Tiger and the Dragon
The Tiger and the Dragon
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Wolfhart 25 days ago
Purchased and made an account here just for this, I love it!
Joevahkiin 4 months ago
This is a cool shirt and all but Gyarados is not a dragon type he is Water-Flying
JetLuaith8 3 months ago
Back in the day he was, but they changed his type because it was too overpowered.
Austin Rice 19 days ago
Arcanine also is not a tiger, but a canine. It is still a great design though!
pixiechelle 5 months ago
Is it just me; I can't get this listing to work. Won't let me select a shirt size. But I want to buy!!!
stroboy 5 months ago
Could we please get this in another colour or black?  Love the design, but I would never wear a brown shirt.
Aleksandra Hristovska 7 months ago
arigtz83 More than 1 year ago
Please bring this shirt back
Xris Karaplis More than 1 year ago
bring it back!
Ichigo More than 1 year ago
DarrinUCF More than 1 year ago
Yes bring it back!
Amber Greene More than 1 year ago
This shirt is awesome.  Please bring it back!