The $$60 Billion Man
The $$60 Billion Man

The $$60 Billion Man

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From the Artist

Tell us a bit about this design and the message or meaning you're trying to convey.
I've been a long time fan of the series and although it's lighthearted and fun on the surface I tried capturing the darker undertones that resonated with me over the years. I took a powerful approach to the composition, brought the characters together with a serious tone and hopefully did them justice. Peace and love!
Who are you?
My name is Alexander Iaccarino (aka That Kid Who Draws) and I'm a professional illustrator/amatuer human working in Austin, Texas.
Any shout outs?
Shout out to Bottleneck Gallery for pushing me to put my work out there in different mediums and transcending from strictly poster art. Of all the galleries I've had the pleasure of working with, Bottleneck Gallery goes above and beyond for their artists and puts true dedication into their many projects.

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